Is Physical Fitness Worth It?

The benefits of physical fitness have been a constant theme across various forms of media for years and yet, so many have refused to heed. Why? Because it appears a sedentary life where you get to eat whatever  you want and avoid the stress of exercise is much more convenient.

But asides from the convenience and bliss of a sedentary life where you get to imbibe in whatever food or substance you desire, what else do you stand to gain? Well for one, there’s an increased risk of developing heart disease. This comes about as your heart and arteries become clogged by fats that you should have sweated out of your body through exercise. There’s also the risk of developing diabetes, high cholesterol and a whole host of ailments that will lead to you having an unfulfilling and unhealthy life.

On the other hand, if you were to strive for physical fitness you stand to gain the following;

Better Health

Being physically fit comes with a lot of health benefits. This is because your body during exercise burns away unwanted by products. Exercising is also known to release dopamine, a feel good hormone that can help battle health issues such as depression as well anxiety. So it’s not just your physical state that benefits from being fit but also your emotional state.

By exercising, your chances of having a long and fruitful life is improved as different parts of your body benefit from your fitness regimen. Your brain benefits because exercising sends more blood to it and thus increases your alertness as well as your mental agility. Your heart benefits from exercising by becoming more efficient in pumping blood and thus reduces your chances of suffering from arrhythmia or worse.

Even your skin benefits from exercising as you notice skin blemishes such as pimples begin to clear up due to your skin pores opening up and unclogging while sweating. Many more body organs benefit from proper physical exercise and all come together to make a better you.

Strength and Stamina

Doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman because partaking in the right exercise gives you the physical strength to undergo any physical strain that life might throw at you. As a woman, the right exercise is capable of making something as unrelated as childbirth a less laborious process and is capable of turning you into a wonder woman in so many other ways.

As a man, with the right exercise regimen, you develop the strength and stamina to perform various tasks that a less fit person will wisely shy away from. A fit person is a strong person, and a strong person is a capable person, and a capable person is a successful person. If you want to have the strength and energy to comfortably face the toils of daily life, then exercise can give you what you need.


There’s no doubt that being fit is a great confidence booster as you find yourself being able to wear whatever clothes you like. A physically fit body also has better posture.

Even without cloths, your confidence is still high as you find yourself more comfortable with a fit body that you have no problem flaunting.


No one ever said exercise has to be all work and no play. Same way some people pick up knitting or video games as a hobby, exercise can also be a hobby. By playing in sports such as lawn tennis, basketball, and so on, you get to exercise and have fun at the same time. And if you aren’t into sports, you can still have gym equipment in your home that you can use for both fitness and as a hobby.

Having a treadmill such as the PRECOR TRM211 ENERGY TM SERIES in your home can help you pick up running as a hobby, or getting a stationary bike such as the HORIZON M-4 INDOOR CYCLE TRAINER can help you prepare for your next wilderness ride. Both can be used while you watch TV. Either way, exercising can still be fun.

But it’s even more fun when done with others, so consider joining a gym where you will be able to socialize and meet others who will motivate your physically fit lifestyle.

And what are the downsides to physical fitness?

Asides from a bit of soreness occasionally, there is nothing more to talk about.

So based on what you now know, is physical fitness worth it or is it a colossal waste of time and effort?