Lateral X – The Reinvention of the Elliptical

The Lateral X machine is a complete reinvention of the Elliptical Cross Trainer that already has a range of benefits. The Lateral X offers so much more than this with movement in multiple directions possible. This machine promises to increase your calories burned by 27%.
You can move from side to side, back and front and rotator providing a total body exercise experience. It is useful for muscle gain, fitness, and also for gaining balance.

This amazing machine gives you a stepping motion to provide variety to your workout techniques keeping you working out longer.

You can choose how little or how much you would like to do by customizing your goals. It has 30 resistance levels to intensify your workout. Other special features include variable stride adjustments, 3 speed console fans, and fingertip controls on the handle bars. It is energy efficient as it is self powered. Compared to the elliptical it is more compact and occupies less space so it can be kept in smaller homes that are compromised for space.
It also has digital heart sensors and programs that can be adjusted according to heart rate. This helps people who would like less strenuous exercise regimes.

The Lateral X is a wonder of a machine. The elliptical cross trainer is great, but this, being a step up from that, gives you a whole lot more. To know more about this machine from the experts visit any of the Fitness Expo Stores in any of the following locations: Metairie, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Mandeville, and Kenner in Louisiana and in Jackson, Mississippi. Here they are customer friendly, helping you to find the best machine. The knowledgeable staff is trained to demonstrate the workings of the machines so you can make an informed choice.
Additional features of the Lateral X include a reading stand and a water bottle holder. This unique cardiovascular machine brings its users the benefits of an elliptical cross trainer and then some. It targets various parts of the body like the elliptical, but it also increases movements by 30% in the hip muscles. It was named Best Elliptical 2012 from the Health Club Industry.