Use a LifeCore LCR 88 Rowing Machine for a Total Body Workout

Use a LifeCore LCR 88 Rowing Machine for a Total Body Workout

Considered one of the best workouts for the total body, rowing is usually done one of two ways: Either in a boat on the water, with friends or alone; or with a rowing machine at home or at the gym. For a total body workout in the convenience of your own home, try the LifeCore LCR88 rowing machine.

Finding an appropriate body of water in Louisiana isn’t always the easiest task. Finding the time to reach an appropriate body of water in Louisiana is often harder than looking on a map and wishing you were there. In the convenience of your home, and with your other home gym equipment, a LifeCore LCR 88 rowing machine will give  you the total body workout you are missing because of weather, distance, or just lack of time.

The LifeCore LCR88 rowing machine has a sleek, ergonomic design, with the quality and construction equivalent to a piece equipment from a brick and mortar gym. Your results are always based on the time and energy you put into your workout, but with the LifeCore LCR 88, even a little time will translate into a great workout. The rowing machine is usable by everyone in the household, within reason for age. It takes up little space within your home gym and is compact, but powerful.

The LifeCore LCR88 has one LCD display console that only has one color. There is a program in the console called ‘Race’, where the user races with the computer to win a race. It is designed to motivate you to row faster and improve your stamina and workout. The manual program allows you to begin your workout routine at your pace, and just row. You can see multiple readouts, including total time, strokes and calories burned.

The LifeCore LCR88 features air and magnetic resistance combined for six levels of resistance. These can be adjusted with the dial below the handle bar. The flywheel generates air as you pull back. The first level is air resistance, with the magnetic resistance engaging on the second level.

The footrests are adjustable and the handlebars are ergonomic. The footrests pivot when you rotate your feet as you row. There are industrial Velcro straps to keep your feet in place, and the footrests can accommodate a variety of shoe sizes. The handlebars have a 10 degree bend to help you row with a natural hand and arm position.

A great feature is how easily this rowing machine can be folded and stored. It is lightweight and has roller wheels built-in for easy movement into a storage area.

Come into one of our locations to check out the LifeCore LCR88 rowing machine. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff look forward to the time they can spend helping you find just the right piece of equipment for your home gym. Not only will they help you in the store, but when it is delivered to your home, they will help you set it up and make sure you are comfortable with how to use the LifeCore rowing machine.