Muscle Gain Myths to Avoid in Jackson, MS

Muscle Gain Myths to Avoid in Jackson, MS

On your journey to ultimate fitness, the last thing you need is to fall prey to myths concerning muscle gain. After all, packing on pounds of lean muscle is hard enough as is without getting side-tracked by “bro strategies” that just don’t work.

It is important to do your research and know the most efficient way to gain muscle, not just so you can reach your goals, but so you can do so safely and in a way that is additive to your health and well-being, not counterproductive to it.

By eliminating muscle building myths and bad advice from your workouts, you can focus on the best ways to gain muscle from your exercise equipment.

Below we’ve detailed some of the most common “muscle gaining” myths you might come across in the gym…

Train Every Day – MYTH

Many believe that it is necessary to train hard every day to achieve their goals, working their muscles to the brink on fitness gym equipment day in and day out.

Training every day, however, can actually be counterproductive. It is very important to include rest days in your workout routine.

The way muscles grow is through micro-tearing and recovery. Muscles tear during exercise, and as they repair, they come back stronger. It is better to exercise three or four times a week, allowing for rest and recovery.

Take some time off, and in-between, you might even find some fun new gym equipment to buy such as the Hoist Mi17 Functional Training System for a full body workout you won’t forget.

Each Muscle Group Should be Trained Once a Week – MYTH

In reality, it is better to train each muscle group at least twice a week when completing your Jackson, MS, workout routine.

You can set up your training volume to achieve this goal:

  • Number of reps completed on exercise equipment
  • Total number of exercises
  • Number of sets completed with your fitness gym equipment
  • How much weight you lift

Split your training into to separate workouts that you perform twice a week. Don’t repeat the same workout twice! You may overwork your muscle groups. Combining this with recovery days will help you gain muscle efficiently.

Your Workout Should Be Different Every Week – MYTH

There is a popular belief that you need to confuse your muscles in order to prevent hitting a wall during your workouts. They claim that your muscle will anticipate what is coming, and that you will not get results from your workout.

Because of this, many people constantly change what kind of workouts they are doing or do something different each day. The truth is that a workout must be consistently done a few times to achieve results. You need time to learn the routine and time to improve your volume.

That said, if you notice your workout routines getting boring, stale or that you’re actually hitting a plateau with your gains, you might want to buy gym equipment to mix things up a bit.

Consider checking out top tier and affordable fitness gym equipment from Fitness Expo Stores, such as the Torque Duel Adjustable Pully with multiple angles and endless possibilities to hit virtually every muscle group.

Know When to Change It Up

After about three weeks, you can change up your workout. You have had sufficient time for the previous program to take effect, and this change will allow you to challenge your muscles in new ways with different equipment.

Knowing the appropriate time to change your workout:

  • Reduces boredom
  • Allows different areas of the body to gain muscle
  • Improves motivation

It is important to find the balance between too much change and no change.

Avoid Isolation Exercises – MYTH

Isolation exercises can be useful for certain goals. Focusing on one joint and a limited group of muscles can increase:

  • Longevity
  • Strength
  • Muscle size
  • Workout levels

There are two ways to successfully utilize isolation exercises:

  1. These exercises increase the connection between mind and muscle. A weak neurological connection to a muscle can be strengthened with isolation exercises. Being able to “feel” a muscle in this way allows you to put more of a load on it.
  2. Isolation exercises allow you to work neglected muscle groups. Calves, hamstrings, and rear delts are examples of muscles that can be neglected with purely compound exercises.

It is possible to use isolation exercises in your Jackson, MS, workout.

Focus on the Pro’s – MYTH

Professional athletes and fitness gurus are on a totally different level than those of us who are striving to fit workouts into everyday life. The intense workouts that these professionals end up promoting are not usually the ones they used to work their way up to the spotlight. Make sure you research what is best for your personal fitness goals.

Everyone’s workout journey looks a little different, and while it is good to have a role model to aspire to, it is important to remember that you will need to personalize your workout efforts. There is a lot of information available on the Internet to research workouts but be careful not to take every piece of advice at face value.

Strength Does Not Matter – MYTH

To build muscle, you need to gradually increase the amount you are lifting. Weight training’s most important rule is to apply progressive overload. You can achieve this by gradually adding more reps or by increasing the amount of weight on your bar.
Challenging yourself to increase your strength will help your muscle development. Watch your technique and use about six to twelve reps.

Train to Fail – MYTH

Training to fail can you wear you out until you are not able to complete the sets in your workout. This can cause injury to yourself and result in faulty technique.

So, when is the proper time to train to failure? If you want to use this technique, save it for your last set and be sure you are on a safe machine. These tips will allow you to utilize train to fail without injury to yourself.

Muscle Gain Myths Can Harm Your Jackson, MS Workout

Keep these myths in mind when designing your muscle gain workouts. By avoiding these incorrect assumptions about working out, you can efficiently gain muscle without injury or frustration. Working out is tough enough, do not make it worse by falling prey to bad information that will stall out your progress.

Working out can be fun and rewarding when you start to see results. Achieve your goals quickly by setting up a quality workout routine. Most of all, enjoy the journey!