Spinning Your Way to the Best Exercise Bike to Target Your Fitness Goals

Spinning Your Way to the Best Exercise Bike to Target Your Fitness Goals

Lately, NASA scientists have been a-frenzy over Curiosity, their six-wheeled Martian rover, finding signs of carbon-containing molecules on Mars that may or may not be of the lifestyle variety. It’s anyone’s guess if their excitement is much to do about nothing, as the scientists are certainly being dubious about their findings. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Fitness Expo stores are marketing some impressive one-wheeled exercise bikes that are sure to get anyone moving toward an active lifestyle and better health—on the planet we live on. How can you choose the best exercise bike for you? To entertain some of these factors while you ponder what kind of bike best fits you.

Resistance vs. Electrical Bikes
Depending on the type of cycling workout you like, resistance bikes deliver a different workout experience over electrical bikes. If you crave a more intense multi-terrain-trail-like cycling workout, an electric bike is the best choice – you can preset a desired course at the beginning of the workout. The preset course dictates your overall workout intensity, tracks your overall cycling distance, and calories burned. Resistance bikes require hands-on resetting. For instance, the speed has to be adjusted manually. Resistance bikes mirror real life cycling; you temper your workout according to your own physical exertion and self-motivation.

Comfort is Key
Do your homework, go into the showroom and try a couple of different models out for the feel as well as performance. The more comfortable the exercise bike is, the more you’re going to use it. LifeCore’s 1050RB, offered by Fitness Expo stores, is built for comfort with an extra-cushioned, contoured seat bottom.

Performance Quality
Think craftsmanship and construction design. Shop for a model that has a reputation of premium performance and durability; you get what you pay for and the old saying is “if you buy it cheap, you buy it twice.”

Recumbent or Upright Bike
You can find electrical bikes in recumbent or upright models, however all resistance bikes are upright only.

Consider Your Budget
Always have a price-point during your search. At Fitness Expo stores, you can now get 0% financing. Electrical bikes cost more to maintain, so buying the best manual bike for your money is a better choice over purchasing a cheap-quality electrical bike.