The Benefits of Choosing a Pacemaster Treadmill

The Benefits of Choosing a Pacemaster Treadmill

Pacemaster treadmills are manufactured under superior quality control and processes that are unique to the brand. This is why Pacemaster treadmills are among the best equipment by fitness enthusiasts. If you are planning to get a treadmill for your home gym, it therefore pays to look into the range of Pacemaster treadmills available.

Pacemaster treadmills receives a high rating mainly because of the following reasons:

A Name to Trust
Pacemaster has built up a good reputation within the fitness community, which also explains why they are among the top ranked fitness equipment providers of today. The reason for its popularity is quite obvious. It starts in the design and manufacturing process of their treadmills. Aerobics Inc., the company that manufacturers all Pacemaster treadmill equipment, has performed extensive research to be able to provide products that have sturdy construction and design, high functionality, and superior performance.

All Equipment Parts are US-made
All parts used for manufacturing the treadmill are all made in the US. That being said, you are assured of the quality of the parts. All parts offer good warranty. The frame, for instance, offers lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, the parts and motor are warranted for 5 and 12 years, respectively.

Durable and Stable Construction
The construction of all equipment is designed to be extremely stable and durable. The frames are welded together for a more solid construction whereas most treadmills rely on bolting parts together. The motor used to operate the treadmill is also powered up to 3.0 continuous hp to provide enough power while working out even at various levels of intensity.

Cutting Edge Technology
Cutting edge technology is also incorporated into Pacemaster treadmills so users can take advantage of its advanced programming features. The engineers at Aerobic Inc. have employed fitness science into the design of the treadmills. With these treadmills, you sure can enjoy a program that you can follow to help you achieve your fitness needs or goals.

Some modern models from the brand have even incorporated advanced technological functions such as a heart rate monitor or the distance monitor system. These allow you to monitor your heart rate or the distance your traveled while working out, respectively.

These features are designed to help you maximize your workout. Another notable technological feature of Pacemaster treadmills is real time feedback mechanism. You can use it to monitor your workout progress and ensure that your workout gets results. With this feature, you can monitor how much calories you burned based on the distance your ran or walked. Some treadmills also incorporated entertainment features that allows you to listen to your favorite music, watch fitness videos or even read mails or news while working out.

Pacemaster continues to innovate to provide the best and most innovative treadmill products. Consumers can therefore expect to get more premier products that will be worth their investment.

The Pacemaster treadmills have received a generally positive feedback, especially amongst consumers that have used it for their own workout. Before you go out shopping for a new treadmill, take time to visit our site to view the various models of Pacemaster Treadmills available.

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