Top 4 Home Exercises and the Best Fitness Equipment to Keep You in Shape in winter

Top 4 Home Exercises and the Best Fitness Equipment to Keep You in Shape in winter

The winter months can be time when you gain those extra pounds that would be nagging you for the rest of the year. The season begins with a slew of holiday parties that drive us, whether consciously or not, to an eating spree. Going to the gym is more challenging especially in between snowstorms.  But worry not, we’ve prepared a list of exercises you can do at home, with or without the best fitness equipment.

1. Doing cardio
The average person needs just 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercises, for 5 days every week. Yes, plowing snow can be cardio too, not to mention strength training. But indoors you can a variety of physical activities that count as cardio. No, it doesn’t have to involve running around in circles in your living room. Skip rope and walking up and down the first three steps on the stairs can be highly effective cardio. Running in place isn’t unreasonable. If you don’t have access to the best fitness equipment, there’s still no excuse for you not to do cardio workouts.Always remember that you need to perform stretches before and after an exercise routine.

2. Stationary exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, squat jumps
Just make a habit of doing 10 to 15 push-up reps after you get up from bed and later in the afternoon. Find a strong suspended bar at home or install one to do pull ups with, about 10 to 15 reps or more each day. Do some squat jumps to get your heart pumping. If you don’t have the best fitness equipment, you can still exercise. Do varieties of these exercise motions by doing forward lunges, front planks, push-up with raised leg, bent knee push-up and hip rotations.

3. Resistance training
In order to stay lean during winter, you need regular resistance training. Shed the body mass you gain from attending holiday parties and having that body-warming snack at night. Do some crunches along with your push-ups and lunges. Make sure you cover exercises that target major muscle groups in your lower, upper and midsection. Get dumbbells or free weights for lifting. Design at least 8 exercise routines with 10 to 15 repetitions each.

4. Get the best fitness equipment
No matter what you’re budget looks like, you can get the best fitness equipment for exercising during winter. Search for refurbished exercise machines at your local retail stores and find out what you can take home for a fraction of the original cost. Your can exercise on the best fitness equipment for cardio like a treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical trainer like the Precor EFX 5.23. Some of these machines can also give you a total body workout.

There are plenty to choose from the best fitness equipment for resistance training. Home gyms like Life Fitness G4 target major muscle groups from shoulders, leg and thigh muscles and back area. If you don’t own one yet, winter is a good time to get the best fitness equipment.

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