Top Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers Serving Baton Rouge

Top Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers Serving Baton Rouge

Life Fitness     

Though fitness has changed drastically in the last 50 years since Life Fitness was introduced, they have continued to be a leader in the industry. They developed the world’s first ever electronic stationary bike and today they have a wide range of products which include: rowers, recumbent bikes, and multi-use strength training machines.

The long-standing goal of the brand is to create gym equipment that helps generations of athletes and exercises to live healthier and more rewarding lives. Their equipment features technology such as heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, and the Halo fitness cloud. Check out the Life Fitness GSC Trainer.

PrecorFragment like view of gym interior with some dumbbells - Fitness Expo

Precor is a trusted brand name in the fitness arena. They are known for manufacturing high-end commercial gym equipment. Their products include treadmills, climbers, elliptical machines, and spin bikes.

Precor was established in the 1980s and ever since then, they have been leaders in the innovation of sports equipment. The treadmills they produce are built to last and come with a variety of intensity levels. They are known for their ergonomic designs in pedals, handlebars, and bike seats which allow for increased comfort and longer workouts. Their elliptical machines are both durable and versatile and include handles for an effective upper body and lower body workout. They also provide the option of hands-free elliptical machines to maximize your calorie burning ability. Lastly, their climber machines support better posture and have a minimal impact on the joints. “Fitness made personal” is their mission and shows clearly in everything that they do. Check out the Precor DBR0702 Vertical Knee Up.


Stairmaster has earned the elite title of a household name in the realm of gym equipment. Though they have been manufacturing fitness machines for several decades, they continue to push their limits and reach new horizons. Since the launch of their first-ever product, the Stairmaster 5000, this company has released hundreds of models.

Stairmaster is known for inducing heart-pumping, sweaty, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that keep users coming back for more. Stairmaster has expanded far beyond their initial concept and now boasts a range of products that includes treadmills, climbers, indoor bikes, and cable machines. This brand packs a big punch in its versatility of products. If you’re in search of a manufacturer that provides everything you need for a total body workout, look no further than Stairmaster.


Cybex promises superior cardio and strength training equipment for real people. It doesn’t hurt that they are a trusted partner of many private health clubs and commercial fitness centers. To top it all off, they work with professional athletes and sports leagues such as the NBA, PGA, and FIFA. As if all of that isn’t enough, a quick scroll through their full range of products is sure to leave you impressed.

Their selection includes all of the traditional equipment you would come to expect along with more than a few standout machines. Take SPARC: Strength Power Accelerated Resistance Cardio, for example. This machine helps its user to lose fat, build muscle, gain strength and increase their metabolism all in one.

Power PlateGym equipment room - Fitness Expo

Power Plate is a leader in the whole body vibration category. You may not have heard of this technology, but it was first utilized by astronauts to combat the bone and muscle loss that is caused by ongoing periods of zero gravity. Today, Power Plate develops technology for training programs used by professional sports teams, medical facilities, and health clubs around the world. Their model designs are sleek and modern.

People of all ages and abilities have found great results with this brand. It has been linked to multiple health benefits to include strength, balance, and flexibility but also pain relief, detox, and stress reduction. One of its most popular attributes is its ability to decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Research in the field of whole body vibration has shown that it may be effective in treating the symptoms of conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis among others.

Water Rower

Water Rower boasts the ability to provide you with “the perfect exercise”. The rowing stroke uses a whopping 84% percent of your body’s muscle mass; everything from the palms of your hands to the balls of your feet is engaged during a workout on this machine. Water Rower focuses on their specialized niche of water rowing machines but what they lack in diversity of equipment, they make up for ineffectiveness and efficiency. Who needs 10 machines when you have everything you could need rolled into one?

LifeCore Fitness

LifeCore does not have a large range of products, instead choosing to perfect rowing machines, bikes, and their accessories. Their mission statement is focused on the exerciser and their needs. They promise the most durable equipment on the market, backed by warranty and post-sale customer service.

They hold the belief that rowing is a lifelong sport due to its flowing movements that are not harmful to the joints. Their rowers provide instant feedback as you increase or decrease the resistance levels. They operate without gears and can fold up for easy storage.

LifeCore manufactures both upright and recumbent bikes. Each comes equipped with high-tech features and comfort which was built to last. Upgrades are also available to customize the bike to your specific needs.

Other Notable Mentions – Gym Equipment

Part one of this guide is too short to cover ALL the best gym equipment manufacturers serving Baton Rouge, so here’s a list of notable mentions that will likely make it into part II of this guide:

  • Spri
  • OctaneGym room In baton Rouge - Fitness Expo
  • Vectra
  • Hoist
  • Life Fitness
  • Vision
  • Inspire
  • Horizon
  • Matrix
  • BH
  • Lemond
  • Teeter
  • Power Block
  • Torque
  • And more…

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of which manufacturer you choose to go with, rest assured that those mentioned in this guide are leaders in providing Baton Rouge and surrounding areas with the very best in exercise and fitness equipment. We also have showrooms in Kenner, Metairie, and Shreveport where you can purchase gym equipment.

If you’re in the market for personal or commercial gym equipment in Baton Rouge, feel free to drop us a line or stop by Fitness Expo Stores. We’d love to hear from you and learn more about how we can help.