Vision R2050: The Best Fitness Equipment for Your Fitness Needs

Vision R2050: The Best Fitness Equipment for Your Fitness Needs

Vision fitness is a brand most known for their exercise bikes. Their bikes are top of the line crafts that offer the best features designed to encourage proper body movements and posture during intense workouts. One of the best products of Vision fitness is the Vision R2050 exercise equipment.

The Vision R2050 is a recumbent bike that adjusts to your health needs. A recumbent bike is essentially a piece of exercise equipment that works on major muscle groups with the user in a laid-back position. In this position, the rider’s weight is evenly distributed so the back and buttocks get most of the impact during an exercise routine. Further, it is in this position that you can reach your fitness goals without stressing yourself. This exercise bike by Vision fitness created new definition for a recumbent bike by using a ComfortArc seat system with enough lumbar support. It appears that as much as the company is interested in helping you maintain your fitness level, they are also keen in ensuring that users experience comfort unlike any other on this exercise tool.

In order to help you succeed with your fitness goals, the Vision R2050 comes with 16 resistance levels. With the many levels that you can choose from, you have the option of setting one level to work with on one workout routine. Once you’ve already mastered that level, you can then start on the next level and so on until you complete all 16. If there are numerous people in the household who share this exercise equipment with you, the Vision R2050 can keep pace with all your exercise requirements. It has an LCD console that instantly provides feedback for every adjustment you make. Further, data such as the speed, the distance, the program and the profile you are using can be saved for review and/or re-use later on.

Another advantage to using the Vision R2050 is that it has self-balancing pedals, thereby allowing for a smooth pedaling experience. There’s also the possibility of adjusting the straps to fit your preference. Like all of Vision fitness’ exercise bikes, the Vision R2050 also features a balanced flywheel, this time its 21-pounds, to make sure that you are getting just the right amount of resistance no matter the level you are using. The handlebars have contact heart rate sensors so you get to monitor your heart rate without the need to pause from your exercise routine.

Most importantly, this exercise equipment has been built to last for years. It is very robust with a heavy gauge steel frame that can accommodate as much as 300 pounds. With its sturdy built, it is very stable so no matter how hard you pedal, you won’t fear of getting toppled over. And because of its poly V-belt drive, the R2050 works very quietly; thus allowing other members of your family to work while you sweat out your calories and build up your muscles in your own private space.

But despite all its advantages and the fact that it is made by the best source of exercise bikes, the R2050 recumbent exercise equipment is one of the most inexpensive recumbent bikes available. This is definitely an exercise tool that fits your budget and your health requirements.

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