5 Reasons Your Fitness Gym Equipment is Harming You

5 Reasons Your Fitness Gym Equipment is Harming You

Most people are ecstatic about going to the gym and getting those set body goals as quickly as possible. 

Gym workouts seem virtuous, and health acts as you are not only taking care of your muscles but protecting the heart, lungs, and keeping a healthy weight. 

Some people even skip the minor warm-up sessions and head to the heavy lifting or fast machines. Your fitness gym equipment could be doing you more harm than good. In fact, according to research by the University of Arkansas, gym-related injuries have increased by a third in the past few years

It is advisable to take it slow and get guidance from the Kenner gym trainers and instructors, especially if you are not familiar with the particular equipment. Gym equipment for sale is also available at Fitness Expo Stores

Below are five reasons why your fitness gym equipment is harming you

1.    Doing Too Much Too Soon

It is tempting to try and make up for the lost gym time and attempt everything at once. 

It is advisable that you start with a proper prehab routine by stretching before exercising. Stretching will prepare the muscles for activity and avoid injury. 

Glute activation helps protect the knees from injury, and the hip flexors are vital as you will be sitting down most of the time. 

If your muscles feel too sore to move, it is advisable you take a few days to rest to recover. Also, ease into cardio by starting with around 15-20 minutes of exercise daily and at a moderate intensity.

2.    Bench Press

Even if you are used to lifting weights, the body requires time to adapt. 

Start with moderate intensity and gradually improve as time goes. Pumping big weights is only advised to those with experience. 

There is a lot of learning required in terms of body posture, positioning, and so on. Work with an instructor and use weights that you are comfortable with.

Most people typically get sprains or fractures in their wrists and rotator cuff tears on the shoulders. 

The chest, sternum and ribcage and the neck are also vulnerable to wrong bench presses.

3.    Indoor Bikes and the Adductor Machines

Most people, especially those looking to lose weight, tend to use indoor bikes and treadmills. 

A bike that is poorly fitted can cause improper pedaling techniques. 

This will then harm the knees, elbows, shoulders, and hips. It is advisable always to ask the gym trainer to help adjust the saddle height as well as the distance between the handlebars and the saddle.

 A good bike such as the Horizon M-4 Indoor cycle trainer is one of the best. The adductor machine helps work on the groin and inner thighs, which form the adductor muscles.

 Some of these muscles are more fragile than others. These machines require experience and supervision of an experienced trainer. 

This is because the lack of control in the movements and using heavy load can lead to the spring effect that causes shortening and injury of the muscle fibers. 

If inexperienced with the machine, lunges and sumo squats will strengthen the adductor region and help reduce injury risk. 

4.    Seated Leg Press

Most gym goers emphasize on ‘leg-days’ as they want the entire body to be proportional. No one wants a ‘Johnny Bravo’ shape, and for this reason, they go hard on the seated leg press which builds power and stability in the legs. 

One common mistake people make with this machine is that they hyperextend and lock their knees while using too much weight. 

With this machine, the lower back is strained, especially when using too much weight. 

Locking the knees also stress the joints instead of the muscles. The knees ought to stay in line with the toes and push the weight through the heels and use comfortable weight. 

The same results can be achieved by working the legs without the fitness gym equipment. 

5.    The Rowing Machine

Another favorite fitness gym equipment is the rowing machine as it combines strength training with cardio. 

However, improper use of the machine will affect your lower back. To use the rowing machine properly, you will need to use the legs, cores, and the arms in exactly this sequence.

 Users should ensure they use their legs to push through the movement and not the lower back. 

The WaterRower Natural rowing machine, for instance, is a great machine to start with.

Going to the gym comes with numerous benefits, but when the fitness gym equipment is not used correctly, it can harm you. 

However, this should not be used as an excuse to avoid working out. 

You only need to use caution and always ask for guidance, especially when trying new moves at the gym.  You can also buy gym equipment and work from home.