5 Simple Tips for First Time Users of Sports Fitness Equipment

If you are interested in getting started using sports fitness equipment to better your health or improve your strength and fitness. There are a few things you should know before you jump in headlong into the world of fitness.

1: Start Out By Going To A Gym

While you may want to just pick up an elliptical or treadmill for your home and skip the whole gym scene, there really are a lot of benefits of stopping by a gym first.

By going to a gym and getting a membership for even just one month.

Just bring a towel and a bottle of water and don’t worry about what shape you are currently in as most people won’t judge you for trying to improve yourself.

At a gym, you have the opportunity to try it before you buy it for all sorts of equipment.

You can look up the price to buy any of the units that you enjoy and find what workouts work for you.

It’s good to know what fitness equipment works for you, which is easy and effective for reaching your goals and what machines work comfortably for you and cause minimal stress and pain.

Time at the gym also offers you the opportunity to consult with fitness professionals that can help you formulate an ideal workout plan that will help you keep on track.

You can also meet peers that can function as spotters or even friends that will help keep you accountable for your fitness to keep you on track to meeting your goals.

Just remember to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated and a towel to wipe down machines before and after you use them so you’re not sharing sweat and to keep up with proper gym etiquette.

2: Gauge Your Fitness

Before you start any fitness plan you should get an overall understanding of your current level of fitness. Here are a few good things to check on your first day of fitness and keep track of at monthly intervals so you get proof of progress.

  1. Your heart rate before and after walking/running a mile.

  2. Time to walk 1 mile or run 1.5 miles.

  3. Maximum situps and pushups in a single session

  4. Maximum forward reaches towards your feet while seated with outstretched legs.

  5. Waist circumference.

  6. BMI (Body Mass Index)

By keeping track of these metrics you will know what progress you are making in what areas and what you need to work harder on. This is important for keeping motivated.

You can also use some modern apps that help track progress, set goals and keep users motivated.

3: Start Slow, Be Consistent

Changes won’t be made overnight regardless of how hard you push yourself.

While it’s good to learn your limits and get a good workout, if you push yourself too hard you can cause injury and quickly burn out and lose interest.

It also helps you work out more than once a week if you aren’t left aching for days.

By setting yourself reachable goals and then breaking them over time you will keep motivated and push through into the worlds of fitness.

4: Diversity

Just because you have a favorite machine doesn’t mean you should spend all of your time on it. Some machines like quality rowers are good full body workouts that are great for many muscle groups and cardiovascular health. Check out the BH Fitness S1RW Rower.

Each workout session should start with stretches to improve flexibility over time, reduce aches and pains, and reduce the chance of injury.

Following that, you should perform your preferred cardio, preferably for 20 minutes but your workout is your decision and you may want more or less cardio to reach your goals.

It’s also worth noting that some people will advise cardio before your stretching, especially in the case of yoga, and that is the correct order if you are focused on flexibility as a goal.

After you are all warmed up you will need to find what machines work well for strength exercise. Most home gyms will opt for free weights and a workout bench like the Hoist HF4-4145 Folding Multi-Bench, but there are also resistance machines that offer decent flexibility.

5: Dress For Success

Whatever your usual dress is, you’ll want to change it out for your workout routine typically. Most athletes will want a set of good running shoes that they are comfortable with and have a minimum weight for ease of running.

There are also shoes that are better for weight lifters that focus on support and comfort but will have more weight than is best for running.

You should pick your shoes based on your goal, or perhaps buy a set of shoes for the different phases of your routine.

After your shoes, the rest of your clothes should be good for comfort. They shouldn’t restrict your range of motion or flexibility. They also need to not have any loose fabric that could get caught in a machine. Breathability is also a good quality to have so you don’t get stuffy while exerting yourself.

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