7 Basic Exercise Tips You Need to Know

7 Basic Exercise Tips You Need to Know

You are pumped up to start a new day, a new journey to improve your health. Whether you’re aiming for that beach body or more endurance to walk long distances during your work commute, there are essential factors to keep in mind besides the old motivation and determination adage.

Starting Your Year Right

If you’re ready to start your 2018 with a more healthy lifestyle, you need to understand that this doesn’t happen overnight. Results from your exercises will not manifest unless you are consistent with it. Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin on your fitness adventure.

1. Warm Up

Fitness experts always emphasize that everyone needs to warm up before they start exercising. You will less likely to have an injury and this will prepare your muscles as you go alone. Never skip warm up. A five-minute stretching and light movements can do wonders for your whole body and muscle group.

2. Hydrate

Drinking water before your workout can help you become more proactive and you’ll have less chance of becoming overly exhausted. Make sure to fill up in the middle of your workout as well.

3. Know What You’re Targeting

Don’t just start exercising without any idea what your goals are. You might be aiming for an overall exercise, but if you don’t prepare a systematic program then you’re doing your body a disservice. Divide your exercise based on what body or muscle targets. For instance, butt exercises include donkey kicks and squat variations and HIIT exercises be a series of plank movements.

4. Take Up Sports

Yes, you do deserve to stay on couch and binge on Netflix during your rest days, but doing this can actually make someone too lazy to go back to their fitness regimen. If you’re on a vacation and you can’t squeeze your exercises in your schedule, try doing sports such as basketball or beach volleyball. Even as simple as Frisbee throwing or playing kickball can do wonders for your body.

5. Channel Your Inner Lance Armstrong

Instead of taking a cab or a bus, why not go cycling instead? You are still exercising even and your body is still getting the benefits it deserves. If you’re not keen on that, you can try a spin bike for your home. The Precor Spinner Rally Belt Drive is your best bet to get your cardio game on.

6. Watch What You Eat

You won’t see any results unless you purge all the junk food and sweets from your cupboard and refrigerator. Calories are hiding everywhere from your favorite chips to that ice cream you have been eating every meal. You can always swap this food for a healthier choice. For example, switch to fresh sliced cucumber with hummus dip instead of potato chips and store-bought dip.

7. Challenge Yourself

Push yourself to do more challenging exercises as the week progresses. You will then feel the burn and soreness which shows that you are making improvements to your body. Don’t just stick to the same routine you have been doing on Day One. Take one step at a time.

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