Anticipating Years of Ab Coasters and Dumbbells, Toddlers Do Calisthenics with First Lady Michelle Obama

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A troupe of toddlers at the New Orleans daycare center were treated with a visit from the nation’s first Lady, Michelle Obama who lead them in calisthenics as part of her campaign to get American children exercising and eating healthier.

After the calisthenics routine that involved jumping, stretching and marching in place, Obama then read to the students of the Royal Castle Child Development Center, a school which enrolls preschoolers from moderate to low-income families. The first lady joined a packed classroom full of children and their parents and teachers. She read a book about a mouse that eats green peas.

The first lady previously launched a national campaign in June called “Let’s Move,” created to make child care center advance proper nutrition and physical fitness. Obama took the initiate to the daycare center after she attended a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in New Orleans earlier that day.

Obama chose Denise Flemings book titled “Luch,” which as about a mouse that loves a diet of fruit and vegetables. In the reading the first lady asked the children to raise their hands if they liked to eat vegetables. She then proceeded to read from the children’s classic, Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” a book she said is also a favorite in her family.

“Let’s Move” child care checklist stresses five key principles: Ensure one to two hours of daily physical activity; Limiting screen time for young children of not more than 30 minutes during child care, and no more than two hours of screen time for a day overall; Serving vegetables and fruit at every meal; Provide access to potable water throughout the day; Supporting mother who want breastfeed their children.

The campaign is the first lady’s response to a growing need to improve the country’s nutrition and physical fitness, especially in children who are now counted as nearly half of the population’s overweight rate.

A similar initiative was conducted by New Orleans Hornets Staff called “Bee Fit,” challenging grade school students at the Metaire Academy for Advanced Studies. The elementary students engaged in challenging physical activities and learned about proper nutrition. “Bee Fit” encouraged students to keep a weekly record to help them maintain exercising and keep track of their progress.

One solution is to engage in quick but effective exercises which can be done at home, such as stretching, push-ups, and working on ab coasters. An ab coaster is both a cardiovascular and muscle-sculpting device and weight loss system that are available in the New Orleans area.

Recent studies have shown that many children in Louisiana are either overweight or suffering from obesity. Less than a quarter of high school students is engages at least an hour of vigorous physical activity. About one third of the children from 6 to 17 get more than 20 minutes of challenging physical activity in a day. Only 39 percent of 10 to 18 year-old children can pass fitness test

The Department of Health and Hospitals recently released a report showing that the obesity rate in Louisiana has risen by 34 percent. Two thirds of the population, half of which includes teens and children, are obese or overweight.

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