Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

The reputation of the commercial fitness equipment manufacturer is an important factor in choosing the right exercise equipment. Some manufacturers are known to specialize in particular types of equipment. Others are known for the features they add to their products. Whatever the specialization is, knowing the manufacturer is one of the steps you should take to make an informed purchasing decision.

There is a multitude of well known commercial fitness equipment manufacturers today. These manufacturers are known to have pioneered and developed the industry.

  • Cybex International|
    One of the most trusted commercial fitness equipment manufacturers, Cybex International is known for producing the best commercial exercise equipment. Their designs are catered for different types of exercisers ranging from fresh users to athletes. The company is dedicated to the development of the science of exercise. They take pride in the durability of their products. Their designs are so innovative that they have produced equipment that creates the slightest stress on the body.
  • Life Fitness
    They advocate on the importance of exercise to a healthy lifestyle that they cater to both commercial and personal exercise needs. They promote exercise as the main ingredient to fight against cancer. This manufacturer is also known for developing quality and innovative exercise equipment solutions.
  • Precor
    Also considered to be one of the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers in the world, Precor has created all kinds of effective workout equipments. The brand is commonly used in spas, health clubs, and high class hotels in all parts of the world. The company has been promoting health and fitness for the last three decades.
  • Horizon
    One of the most awarded commercial fitness equipment manufacturers; Horizon produces high quality elliptical trainers, treadmills, functional strength trainers, and exercise bikes. Their designs are as comfortable as they are effective. Their products have been consistently recognized and awarded for years of tremendous features, innovative designs, and consistency in quality.
  • Pacemaster
    The company boasts of their cutting-edge technology when it comes to the designs of their products. They are committed to help their customers achieve their fitness goals. They have an exclusive interactive programming that evaluates their client’s current physical status. This helps you monitor your fitness improvement as you successfully move forward in your fitness program.

These commercial fitness equipment manufacturers are leading both the sales and ratings in the fitness industry. They are the most innovative in terms of design and the most durable. In terms of quality, these manufacturers are also leading the market.

You might be wondering how to choose if all these manufacturers provide the best products? This only means you are in good hands if you choose these brands. However, these manufacturers are competing for sales as well. This benefits customers in the sense that the competition has led to more creative features and improved product performance.

Knowing these factors will help you choose wisely. The key is to know what you want and what fits you.  The good news though is it is a win-win situation. You do not lose anything with these commercial fitness equipment manufacturers. If you want to get the best deals for your fitness equipment, please visit: or visit one of our following locations:

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