Are You Doing Any of This? 5 Dumb Mistakes Most People Make When Buying an Elliptical Trainer

Are You Doing Any of This? 5 Dumb Mistakes Most People Make When Buying an Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer commonly referred to as a cross-trainer is a stationary exercise machine that simulates walking, running or stair climbing without exerting excessive pressure on the joints, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

The Evolution of Elliptical Machines

The elliptical training machine is one of the most popular gym machines. According to the International Health Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, the number of people using the elliptical trainer in the health clubs has grown sevenfold from 1997-2007.

The number has soared over the years as you can now buy elliptical trainers and use them at home. As more and more people become aware of their health, an elliptical trainer is the ideal gym machine to prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as help in weight loss.

This is because they offer a total body workout effectively. This means that you do not have to sign up for gym membership or travel to the gym.

You can perform your healthy exercises at the convenience of your home and at your times.

However, just like in many purchases, people are prone to make mistakes due to misconceptions or lack of knowledge. Below are five dumb mistakes most people make when buying an elliptical trainer.

1.Taking Price as the most crucial factor

Human beings tend to be rational when it comes to spending, and hence, Price will be the first thing. Although it is an essential factor, remember the results matter most.

An elliptical trainer is a significant investment as far as your health is concerned. This means you should not compromise on it to save a few bucks.

Cheap can be expensive, and you might purchase cheap and low-quality machines that will break down after a while or even lead to joint and back problems.

Always make an informed decision, especially when differentiating between price and cost. Price is a one-time payment when purchasing your elliptical incline trainer, but the cost is something that you will have to live with.

Good elliptical machines will save you thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise used in gym memberships over the years.  

2. Not comparing brands and reading reviews

It is imperative that you do your homework before you purchase an elliptical trainer.

Ensure you compare all the available options and consult people who have already used them. These could be a gym or personal trainers.

Also, read online reviews as they will give you all the pros and cons of the machine before you commit yourself to pay for your set model.

3. Not considering size and space

This is one of the dumbest mistakes that most people make.

Confirm the space that you will have to place your elliptical trainer especially the seated ones like Octane XR6XI Smart Elliptical before buying it.

Do not but first and regret later when you find the machine you purchased cannot fit through your door or set space.

Also, many people tend to think that bigger is always better when it comes to the stride length of the elliptical. All that you need from the machine is a full range of elliptical motion which depends on your height. Before buying, always ensure that what you purchase works best for you.

4.Buying an elliptical trainer that is too light

It is true that most people will prefer a light elliptical trainer since they can move it around quickly.

However, a machine that is too light will make the workout feel wobbly, turning the whole experience into a frustrating reality. Another issue with a light elliptical machine is stability.

A light one is unstable and will not give a good body workout. This does not imply buying fixed or the heavy elliptical trainers as you can purchase one with the tilt-go-wheels for smooth movement.

5.Purchasing the only forward Mode

Most elliptical trainers and air bikes, especially the traditional ones, only came with the forward Mode. When you purchase this type, it is only a matter of time until you reach a plateau with your machine.

Moving forward only means that your muscles will be used to the routine and hence won’t go far with the progress. It is advisable that you buy elliptical trainers such as the Matrix E30 XR Simple Elliptical that has both forward and reverse modes. This will assist in trying different motions which will target different muscle groups.

The reverse Mode exposes your muscles to a new movement making the exercise exciting and productive.

With these tips, you can now comfortably and confidently purchase your elliptical trainer in Kenner. As the saying goes, wise people learn from other people’s mistake. So, use the information provided and shop wisely.