6 Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore When Buying Home Elliptical Machines

6 Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore When Buying Home Elliptical Machines

Buying an elliptical trainer or any gym equipment can be a little confusing if you don’t know why you are buying them or what you are looking for.

Elliptical machines also cost money so it’s important that you know you will not be wasting an investment.

This humble gym machine is a staple in gyms around the world.

They are much loved for their ease of use and fat-burning potential. They are popular in home gyms, too.

Elliptical machines are a fantastic investment which provides a high-level of intense, quality exercise with many wonderful benefits which come with that.


So as you shop for one, here are factors you should seriously consider when buying elliptical machines:


Undoubtedly, money is one of the foremost concerns when it comes to shopping or buying anything.

You can expect to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on an elliptical machine. This investment is no joke.

There are cheaper and more inexpensive models that are budget-friendly, but they do not come close to the quality of higher-end machines in terms of features, quality, and sturdiness.

But don’t settle for elliptical machines that are too cheap. Look for discounts in your local showrooms.

Take a look at Fitness Expo’s Horizon Evolve 5 Elliptical for a more affordable alternative.

It is best not to sacrifice quality for price when you are shopping for an elliptical machine.

But you can opt-out features that impact price if you don’t really need them. You should buy the best that you can afford.



Elliptical machines come in varying sizes. Some take up more space in front and behind the machine while it is in motion during a workout.

Some elliptical machines have pedal extensions, so they can expand from 7 to 10 feet.

Home small gym room for elliptical machines - Fitness Expo

Also consider the space above the place where you plan to position your elliptical machine because some models are designed with pedals that go rather high and come with incline features.

This is important when you are thinking of placing your elliptical machine in your basement.


Features and Characteristics

Similar to all other gym equipment, elliptical machines are designed with different features. Which ones should you focus on when you buy one?

A buyer’s guide to finding the right model suggested these features so that you can get the full benefits from your workouts on an elliptical trainer:

  • Smooth elliptical motion
  • Size and portability
  • Maximum user weight and height
  • Safety handles
  • Consoles or electronic features
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable incline
  • Rear or front driven/Forward and reverse motion
  • Pre-set programs
  • Stride length
  • Natural movement
  • Dependent upper body motion
  • Quiet operation

According to Ideal Magazine, included in the factors when buying an elliptical machine is making sure that stride length, adjustable resistance, and adjustable incline features are present.

Otherwise, you will be settling for a poor-quality machine.


Health and Fitness Goals

What do you want to achieve when doing workouts on your elliptical trainer? Are you planning to lose weight, tone-up, or get fit?

Combined with a healthy diet and other lifestyle changes, an elliptical trainer will take you a huge step towards achieving these fitness goals.

How much you are willing to spend for a high-quality elliptical machine will depend greatly on what you want to do and how you plan to use the machine.

Woman using home elliptical machine - Fitness Expo

If there will be more than one person who will be using the machine every day, choose a machine that will last more than just a couple of years.

Find a good model and a trusted brand that comes with a warranty so that you and your family will enjoy the benefits for many years.


Authorized Specialty Fitness Retailers

To protect your investment on an elliptical machine, make sure that you are buying from an authorized and trustworthy specialty fitness dealer.

They will most likely have educated staff, higher quality equipment, and the services to assemble and maintain your elliptical machine more effectively.

Some of the best brands of elliptical trainers are sold exclusively by specific dealers only.

These are dealers who give the right warranty to the machine and offer maintenance services or can educate you on how to properly maintain your elliptical machine.

Some of these specialty elliptical machine retailers will also have relationships with personal trainers who can help you start your fitness program.


Buying the Ideal Elliptical Machine

Gym equipment has never been more sought after than during this era where individuals are considering getting fit to maintain overall well-being and stay mentally and physically healthy.

Having fitness equipment like an elliptical machine can boost your motivation to workout regularly.

The factors when buying elliptical machines that were laid out for you will help you make a wiser decision on your investment.

Remember that not all individuals are the same as much as not all elliptical machines are the same.

The ideal elliptical machine is one that will help you achieve your fitness goals and is suitable to your needs.

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