Baton Rouge Commercial Fitness Equipment: How Long Do They Last?

Baton Rouge Commercial Fitness Equipment: How Long Do They Last?

When it comes to running a gym with commercial gym equipment in Baton Rouge, or anywhere else for that matter, just having a ton of machines does not mean everything is covered as far as your patrons are concerned. At one point or another, we have all been to a gym that was full of commercial workout equipment, but something about the gym as a whole seemed wrong. In a lot of cases, this is because no kind of upkeep was done for the equipment to keep it in acceptable working order for as long as possible.

Wires and ropes on pulley-based machines may have looked worn out, the cushioning could be torn, jointed parts may have been sticky or squeaky, or any other combination of ailments may have been visible. When this happens, it is a sure sign that the gym simply is not taking care of their equipment by conducting proper maintenance on it or they are not replacing machines once they are no longer safe to use, and that is assuming they are using them at all.

In turn, that means that these gyms are failing their customers in a way that not only hinders their ability to work out as commercial workout machine manufacturers intend, but they are putting their very safety at risk either because the gym manager is trying to save a few bucks on maintenance and replacement costs or they are completely unaware of the condition of their machines, which is highly unlikely.

Before we get too long-winded about how long commercial fitness equipment lasts and why, the estimated lifespan of gym equipment, in general, is about 10 years.

The lifespan of Commercial Fitness Equipment in Baton Rouge Gyms

While the estimate above is a good starting point for planning around finances for a gym’s workout equipment, it doesn’t take into account that there are a number of factors at play that truly determines how long a piece of commercial gym equipment will, or should, last. Because these pieces are designed to withstand far more abuse than exercise equipment designed for home use, they are incredibly durable. However, that does not mean that they’re invincible. The expected lifespan range for commercial gym equipment in Baton Rouge is roughly between 5 and 15 years.

One thing that is very important to note is that the five-year figure is almost an anomaly in the industry and is usually only the case if the gym manager does absolutely zero maintenance, the staff doesn’t clean properly, the patrons don’t wipe up their sweat, and the gym decides to just replace rather than repair the machine.

On the other hand, well-maintained equipment can be a positive boon for fitness businesses for fifteen years, or even longer in some cases. Commercial gym equipment like the BH Fitness T6 Treadmill is built to last, but it still needs to be taken care of if it’s going to help take care of you and your clients.

The lifespan of Home-Use Commercial Fitness Equipment in Baton Rouge

When someone buys commercial gym equipment in Baton Rouge to use in their home such as the Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 Cycle, they can reasonably expect their purchase to last for a much longer duration than machines and equipment that are installed in gyms. This is even the case for those who use their fitness commercial equipment on a daily basis. Those who have fitness equipment in their homes that were designed for gyms should be able to use these machines for about two decades, or longer, as long as they wipe their sweat off the machine and keep dust out of moving parts.

The reasons for this is the case is twofold. The first reason is that a piece of commercial gym equipment just is not going to be used nearly as often as those found in an actual gym. The second reason is that the environment at home conditions are generally a little better suited for moving parts in general. This is because there is going to be less moisture in the air (from people sweating) and because there will not be dozens of people a day touching the machine, which leaves oils, dirt, and grime that can collect over time and affect the way the machine works.

This also doesn’t take into account that people who own their own gym equipment are much more likely to treat the equipment with far better care than the way people treat commercial gym equipment in Baton Rouge gyms. There are a lot of reasons this could be the case, not the least of which is the fact that the person would have more likely chosen that specific exercise equipment for personal reasons and that they would have spent their own money to buy it. It’s fairly comparable to the differences in the way we treat our own cars versus the way we treat the vehicles we rent while on vacation.

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