The Brass Tacks: What to Understand When Considering a Treadmill Purchase

The Brass Tacks: What to Understand When Considering a Treadmill Purchase

Most of the time, shopping for fitness equipment is confusing. The sales staff at Fitness Expo has the premium know-how; they specialize in marketing only the best workout equipment. If you are looking to purchase a treadmill; a fold-up space-saving model or a more streamlined treadmill; whether it’s your first purchase or a replacement, you should compare different models and consider some of these treadmill specifications:

  • Weight Capacity – Maximum weight limit
  • Maximum Speed and Incline – Versatile in meeting multi-level endurance needs; measures maximum incline (percentage)
  • Quick Speed and Incline Controls – For ease of use
  • Belt Mechanisms, Length, and Width (inches) – Performance quality; running surface
  • On-board User Software – Has the specific programs you need
  • Motor Horsepower (hp) – Overall torque of the motor
  • Warranty – Should be comprehensive: Lifetime for frame and welds; 10 years parts and wear; 1 year labor
  • Shipping Weight – Delivery charges are often based on the shipping weight of the item

PaceMaster Gold Elite Fold-up VR treadmill: A gold standard, Fitness Expo’s PaceMaster Gold Elite VR space-saving treadmill is an excellent example of craftsmanship and performance that is far above other high-end models of its class. Winning the 2011 Head of the Class award, it has been rated the best treadmill under $2,500. Made in the U.S.,

The Gold Elite Fold-Up VR boasts a 3hp continuous duty motor with a dual microprocessor digital control system, made by McMillan Motors of St. Paul, MN. With an adjustable incline range of 5% increments up to a max incline of 15%, it supports transitional incline precision at a quick interchange and a speed range of 0.5-12mph. The belt, ranking a 10,000 mile rating, is made of stretch resistant 2-ply Texglide, having 2.5 inches, precision ground steel rollers with sealed bearings that are always lubricated; four virtual reality courses, and 12 x15 Multi-Color Dot Matrix display that will keep you motivated.

Precor Model 9.31 Treadmill – This treadmill has a 3-year in a row, #1 leading consumer magazine rating. Some specifications are: 52×22 inch belt; maximum incline of 15%, and comprehensive warranty. Among its other impressive features are its Foot Plant/Ground Effects technology that is intuitive to the user’s stride.