Where Can I Have a Home Gym?

Where Can I Have a Home Gym?

Working out is important to maintain a healthy weight and avoid health complications such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can be a challenge to get to the the gym, especially if you work long hours or have limited transportation. Setting up a home gym means you can workout any time of the day or evening. But where can you establish a workout center in your home? Consider these options to put exercise within reach.


Transform the Garage Into a Gym

Some people use the garage to park a car. For others, it is a storage room for tools and other items. Either way, consider the benefits of turning this large area into a home gym. If you can park elsewhere and get a locked shed, the garage is the ultimate place for your home gym. You have plenty of space for a variety of equipment, such as the Life Fitness G4 Home Gym with Leg Press for strength training and the Matrix R50XIR Ultimate Recumbent Bike for aerobic workouts. Add mirrors and music to feel like you are at an actual gym right at home.


Going Up or Down for a Workout

Two more large spaces that can easily become a center for workouts are the attic and the basement. If the basement is unfinished, you may want to add safe sources of heat and light to be comfortable while you workout. Consider the floors and walls in the attic and whether they will be able to stand up to ongoing workouts. With minimal work, either of these areas of your home could become the gym you always wanted.


Exercising in the Den

Certain homes have a designated den or family room. Other people use the smallest extra bedroom in the house as a den or office. These areas can do double duty as home gyms. Consider smaller equipment or adding an elliptical for a full body workout without the need to get several large pieces of equipment. Some gym equipment folds up so it can be put away when not in use. This could be a convenient option if you have limited space.


Make Any Room a Home Gym

From a screened in porch to your bedroom, any room in the house can become a home gym with proper planning. For example, a folding treadmill and free weights can be used in a space as small as your bedroom. Fold up these items and tuck them under the bed when you are done working out, so they do not get in the way of entering or exiting the room. Exercising on a screened in porch gives you the benefits of working out in the fresh air with the advantage of shelter from the rain and the wind. Sometimes you need to think creatively to establish a designated workout space at home, but it’s well worth the effort.

Work with a professional in the industry to find workout equipment that fits perfectly into your home gym space. You will be surprised at how easy it can be to create a gym at home.