Finding a Legitimate Fitness Equipment Supplier

Finding a Legitimate Fitness Equipment Supplier

Is Your Exercise Equipment from a Legitimate Baton Rouge Supplier?

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, looking to upgrade your home gym, or a savvy business owner seeking expansions of your product line for your fitness studio or gym, finding a legitimate, trustworthy and reliable gym equipment supplier is priority number one.

When it comes to Baton Rouge commercial gym equipment suppliers, it’s hard to beat, but don’t take our word for it– stop by our shop or give us a call today to learn about why we’re one of Louisiana’s trusted exercise equipment suppliers for both home and commercial use.

Why Stress Over Finding a Fitness Equipment Supplier?

Choosing a new fitness supplier is like finding a perfect soulmate, or at least one: you can imagine having to deal with for the next number of years.

High-quality fitness equipment is made to last (or at least it should be).  As such, you want to find a supplier that will be there for the long haul, and ready to assist with any issues that might come up.

With that in mind, we’ll outline some key aspects you should consider when selecting the right commercial gym equipment supplier you can trust with your hard earned cash.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Potential Suppliers

How long have they been in the business?

While age is not always indicative of long-term stability and service, in today’s competitive market, any business that has been around for a while has likely earned the opportunity to serve the community by building a reputable business that gym owners and fitness studios trust.

Can They Provide References?

Any reputable business in the fitness equipment supply niche should be ready (and willing) to provide you with the contacts of other fitness establishments they’ve worked with and have served.

Just like interviewing for a job, asking for references can help you gain unbiased information on what you can expect from the relationship down the road.

We suggest calling at least 1-2 of these and ask questions such as:

  • How would you rate their level of service?
  • Are you happy with them?
  • What is one area where you feel they could improve?
  • How would you rate their agreements/contracts/warranties?
  • Have you ever had an issue with them and how did they work to resolve it? Were you satisfied with the outcome?

What does Their Online Reputation Look Like?

Let’s face it, in today’s digital world, one of the first places we often turn for information on making a buying decision is Google. In fact, over 83% of all purchase decisions (even those that end up buying in a physical store location) start their research online.

The same can be said of gym equipment suppliers. When looking for a high-quality fitness equipment supplier in the city, the internet can be a great starting place to begin your search.

Consider combining “fitness” or “gym” equipment supplier with the following keywords to start narrowing your focus:

  • Best, reputable, trustworthy, reliable, etc.

Once you have a list of potential suppliers, start searching for any reviews (positive and negative) by combining the brand name or site URL with the following:

  • Review / Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Testimonial / Testimonials
  • Complaints / Scam

What Type of Gym Equipment do They Carry?

This question seems like a basic one but has more importance than you might think. Buying from one trusted supplier comes with advantages ranging from:

  • Better business relationships
  • Faster / priority service
  • Discounts / deals
  • And more…

So when looking for a legitimate fitness equipment supplier, you’ll want to find one where you can hang your hat for a while. That means not only assessing your current equipment needs but also those you may have in the future for expansions or updated product lines.

Types of Equipment to Consider include:

  1. Weight / Strength equipment
  2. Cardiovascular Equipment
  3. Specialty / Niche equipment

Weight / Strength equipment

When it comes to weight and strength equipment there are two primary categories:

  • Machines
  • Free weights

From adjustable benches such as the Hoist CF-3162 to the Hoist CF-3367 Squat Rack for free weights or home gym setups like the Hoist V Express, Fitness Expo has got you covered.

Cardiovascular Equipment

As it relates to cardiovascular equipment there is a broader range to choose from and some of them may cross over into both strength and cardio.

  • Treadmills
  • Stairclimbers
  • Elliptical machines
  • Rowers, and more…

Ready to take a look at some options? Consider the BH Fitness S5Xi Elliptical or the Matrix Fitness C7xe Climbmill.

What Brands Does the Supplier Carry and What is their Relationship with them?

This is an important one. Time and time again, research in the commercial fitness space has demonstrated that your members (gym, studio, personal training, etc.) value quality, technologically advanced, and wide assortments of fitness equipment, from machines to free weights and everything in-between.

When it comes to buying quality gym equipment, brands matter. You’ll want to select a fitness equipment supplier that has relationships with the best brands out there and has access to a broad range of their inventory.

Some brands we recommend include:

  • Lifecore
  • BH Fitness
  • Precor
  • Life Fitness
  • Powertec
  • Stairmaster
  • And more…

Ready to Talk with a Fitness Equipment Supplier You Can Trust?

At Fitness Expo, we proudly serve the Baton Rouge and surrounding communities with exceptional service you can count on, and a range of products at wholesale prices to serve any need your gym might have.

Give us a call or drop us a line today to speak with one of our reps and learn more about why we’re one of Louisiana’s trusted fitness equipment suppliers!