Fitness 101 for Families

Fitness 101 for Families

Now that the children are heading back to school, it seems everyone goes off into different directions. The days of summer family fun come to an end and fitness might wind up falling to the wayside. Incorporate fitness 101 sessions into your family routine to ensure everyone is getting the exercise and well-balanced meals they need to succeed.


Beware of School and Office Lunches


During the summer, people tend to eat the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available in abundance. Now that the fall is here, people are back to eating at school or the office. Pack healthy lunches rather than getting school lunch or buying fast food at the office. If your children do like school lunch, read the menu for the week to help them make smarter choices. If you decide to buy lunch at work, choose salads, clear soups and lean meats over processed or fried foods.


Be Accountable


Take ten minutes during dinner to discuss what everyone ate during the day and whether they exercised. Fit in family time and exercise by going for a fifteen minute walk after you eat. Schedule dinner at a time when everyone will be home. This can be a challenge and some flexibility might be required if one of your children has a game or other obligations. Make sure to catch up with this child to see what he or she has been doing to ensure they are on a healthy path.


Make the Most of Weekends


Weekends are a time to reconnect and rediscover the joys of the carefree lifestyle you had in the summer. Plan an afternoon of walking in the park, strolling around at the zoo or going rowing on the lake. If your children want to socialize, invite some of their friends to join you. Plan healthy meals you can cook together. When everyone is working toward a common goal of better fitness, it is easier to make it happen in your lives.


Setup a Home Gym


Once fall sports ends, your children can get into a fitness slump. It can be difficult for you to get to the gym when you are running your kids around all day and into the evening. Setup a home gym where everyone one workout. Include strength training and aerobic options. A gym can be setup in a basement, attic or garage as well as a spare room. There is also folding gym equipment that can be used in the living room then tucked away. Consider adding a home gym, such as the versatile and compact Life Fitness G2. Add a stationary bike and treadmill so everyone can workout together. The sturdy Horizon Comfort U upright is a bike that is suitable for all ages.


When you have a family, it is important to focus on fitness as well as the responsibilities of work and school. Make fitness activities fun and accessible so everyone can exercise at his or her own pace. Talk about fitness and encourage everyone to keep moving forward for healthier, happier and longer lives together.