Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Every Level

Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Every Level

We all know how important a healthy lifestyle is for the general wellbeing of Shreveport residents. And regular physical exercise is an important part of this. Exercise can prevent and reduce the risk of a broad range of diseases and ailments, helps to control weight, and it’s even an impressive component of mental health.

At Home Fitness and Exercise Equipment

Exercising at home is a great way to improve your fitness in a familiar and comfortable environment. From reducing costs to eliminating commute times to and from the gym, working out at home has a number of useful benefits.

And when it comes to options, there are plenty of different types of fitness and exercise equipment available for home use so you’ll never get bored.

At home fitness equipment can help you to get in a full workout, even in a small space or on a tight budget. So whether you’re a beginner or an exercise fanatic, read on to discover how to select fitness and exercise equipment for every level.

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Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Choosing exercise equipment can be a daunting prospect when you’re a beginner. Don’t let that stop you! There are plenty of simple (and affordable) ways to start creating the perfect regime. Simply start with the basics and you’ll soon grow in confidence.

From Treadmills to Yoga Mats; Find the Best Home Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Beginners

If you’re looking to purchase home fitness equipment then exercise machines are a great place to start. An elliptical or cross trainer is a simple yet effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories and work up a sweat, without leaving the comfort of your home.

An elliptical machine is a good choice. They are more low impact than a treadmill, making exercise easier on joints and less likely to cause injury.

As for home cardio fitness equipment, another great option for beginners looking to burn calories without needing much knowledge or skill to safely get started is the Precor UBK615 is a great

Benefits of Exercise Machines vs Free Weights for Beginners:

The benefits of exercise machines over free weights is that they help you to keep a better form, which will deliver better results from your workout and also get you accustomed to good habits.

These machines should also come with clear and helpful instructions. Any machine can be adjusted to suit your strength, level of fitness and your build, so you can start gently and build up your confidence.

Other Options:

You can also get a great full body workout without using an exercise machine. A jump rope, resistance band, balance ball, yoga mat or boxing bag can all be great and affordable ways to start adding variety to your workout.

Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Intermediates

Once you’ve mastered the basics and you’re more confident with your overall level of fitness, a mixture of machines and free weights can deliver a challenging and rewarding workout. A bit of variety will keep things interesting too. Cardio machines such as rowing machines, cross-country ski machines, elliptical trainers and treadmills are all great additions to a home gym and they will all get your heart pumping.

Speaking of Intermediate equipment that is low impact and yields impressive results, consider checking out the Octane Lateral X Elliptical, combining both elliptical and lateral movements for up to a 27% increase in calories as compared to traditional elliptical machines.

Strength equipment such as hand weights, ankle weights, resistance bands and tubing can all help to vary your workout and to train different muscles.

At this stage, it is important to avoid complex multi-joint movements and any movements that may put you in a compromised position, where you could be prone to injury. That means no deadlifts, heavy squats, barbell bench presses or anything involving a jerking motion.

Getting accustomed to good habits now, and perfecting form while under less resistance will help you to avoid injuries in the future and prepare you to advance safely in your journey to improved fitness.

Fitness and Exercise Equipment for Experienced Users

If you’ve been working out for years, and have taken the time to learn the correct form and other necessities such as warming up, cooling down and stretching, then you’re ready for advanced fitness equipment and moves.

These include power exercises and multi-joint movements such as the bench press, clean and jerk, deadlift, heavy squats, and more.

A mix of machines and free weights will help you to tailor your workout to meet your fitness needs. Rowing machines, climbing machines, and free weights are all a great way to improve strength and endurance.

Remember that it is important to select fitness equipment that helps you to meet your fitness objectives. Ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve and build your home gym in order to help you meet your goals.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness pro, there are plenty of ways that your home fitness regime can be tailored to suit your ability and your fitness goals. With so many options available, the best way to start is to focus on your fitness goals and select equipment that will help you to meet your targets.

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