Five Activities You Can Do On a Stationary Bike

Five Activities You Can Do On a Stationary Bike

Multi-tasking is a part of our hectic modern world. People like to be able to accomplish at least two tasks at one time. When you have multiple responsibilities, it seems there are never enough hours in a day. One way to make more of your free time is to workout and take care of other things you need or want to do. Consider these five activities you can do on a stationary bike.


Study for Classes


Whether you are in high school, college or taking classes to move up the corporate ladder, you can study for classes while you workout on a stationary bike. It is a great opportunity to read, memorize and review while you are committed to exercising for a half hour or hour. When you are done, you can unwind for the rest of evening rather than trying to cram in studying right before bed or when you get up in the morning.


Make Phone Calls


If you are not winded, you can make phone calls while you workout. Talk to a key business associate to close that big deal. Work with your assistant to plan the days ahead. Call a friend who has been trying to reach you for the past two weeks. You can catch up on your personal and business phone calls while you are riding.


Listen to Music


Many people get more motivated to workout when they are listening to their favorite music. Whether you like to listen to the latest sound or appreciate classical music, there are countless songs you can play while you are riding on a stationary bike. If you are in the music industry, you can listen to demos while you fit your workout into the day. Some people like to listen to books on tape or motivational speeches to inspire them.


Watch Television


If you have a few favorite shows, you don’t have to miss them to workout. Put a television in your workout space. Add a DVR so you can record shows if they air when you are not home. Whether you watch when the show airs or play a recording, you can do it while you are reaping the benefits of working out on a stationary bike.


Catch Up on Reading


Take some time to read your favorite books or magazines. Stay updated by reading the daily paper when you workout. If you need to read reports or white papers for work, you can do it while you exercise on a stationary bike. You can even open up your mail and read it. From periodicals to reading your text messages on a mobile device, you can do some reading and get caught up on your communications.


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