Five Easy Ways to Get Fit This Summer

Five Easy Ways to Get Fit This Summer

Wearing less clothing in the summer makes everyone feel more body-conscious. Seeing those extra pounds in the middle can inspire people into taking action. Consider five easy ways to get fit and feel better all summer long.

1. Resistance Training

Resistance training involves the use of weights, bands or even a person’s own body weight to get leaner, stronger muscles. This can add years to your life and give you the taut body you want. Consider investing in a home gym, such as the space efficient Life Fitness G4, to give you the total body workout you need to look great in anything you wear this summer.

2. Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise promote improved heart health and burns calories to get rid of unwanted fat. Biking, rowing and walking are all excellent cardiovascular workouts. However, people may use the summer heat or inclement weather as excuses to skip exercising. Invest in a rowing machine, stationary bike and treadmill for your own home. For example, put the compact Life Fitness F1 treadmill in an air-conditioned room where you can workout anytime.

3. Counting Calories

As simple as it sounds, doing the math matters when it comes to shedding pounds. Counting calories is a key factor in weight loss. While people should also be concerned about their intake of fats, sugar and salt, calories add up to pounds. People soon notice that can eat much more salad than fried chicken. It makes good sense to eat a well-balanced diet that keeps you full and satisfied throughout the day than foods that don’t add up to much because they are high in calories.

4. Staying Active and Having Fun

Summer is a perfect time to stay active and burn calories without making much of an effort. Go swimming or kayaking on the lake. Take a hike through local trails to listen to the birds sing and soak up the scenery. Play volleyball, basketball or badminton with the kids. Take the dog for a neighborhood stroll. Get up and keep moving to have a better better and improved overall health.

5. Developing a Fitness Routine

Start to develop a routine during the more carefree days of summer and you are more likely to stay with it throughout the rest of the year. For example, make it a practice to go for a stroll after dinner. In the winter, you can simply get on the treadmill to fit in your evening walk. When exercise becomes part of your regular routine, you start to look forward to it.

Use your free time this summer to learn more about exercise and healthy eating. Take advantage of fresh produce and start including exercise into your day. Maintain these habits all year round to have the best body ever next summer. Setup a home gym with resistance training and cardiovascular machines to ensure you workout on the coldest days of winter as well as the hottest days of summer. With some knowledge and preparation, you can look lean and feel great.