Forget Stairs. Try an Elliptical.

Have you ever felt so out of breath and out of shape that you can hardly breathe? Elliptical exercise equipment can cure both of these issues as well as reduce how much time you have to put back into building a healthy lifestyle. Stairs are so overrated, and even with the steepness and depth of them, you still have to put more time into working your upper body strength which is hard work within itself. We provide a variety of seated elliptical and regular standing machines that fit and cater to every section of your body. Wake up every day with a routine and work out on elliptical exercise equipment, and you will feel refreshed and energized more than you have felt before.

Fitness Expo provides quality exercise equipment to ensure long-lasting results for your body and the effect that you are looking for to ensure you are satisfied long-term. Our staff is highly trained to specialize in every body type and can assist customers who are looking to change their lifestyle, promote health, and well-being. We are not just sales representatives, but devote our life to customer service, product knowledge, fitness, mechanics, and equipment to suit every age. Our locations are convenient and located in Metairie, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Shreveport, LA, Jackson, MS, and Kenner, LA Stop by one of our locations and let our sales staff showcase the life-changing elliptical exercise equipment that fits your body structure.

Elliptical trainers create many ways to burn calories fast and provide exquisite plans for working out effectively. If you are worried about passing out so quickly that you cannot really get the proper workout needed, this is when the Octane xRide Seated Elliptical Series machine comes to your rescue. The Octane xRide creates a lower and deeper interaction for your lower body mass as well as increasing the workout of your arms to stay built. This machine is user-friendly for beginners due to the fact that it tests your fat burning and muscle strength. Not all elliptical machines are wise for beginners to use and the Octane xRide is great for this purpose. Come checkout the elliptical exercise equipment today!