Great Fitness Equipment from PaceMaster

Great Fitness Equipment from PaceMaster

Having a treadmill at home is always a nice way to stay fit and healthy. Ever since the dawn of man running has been one of the main forms of exercise. It is a great way to burn calories and you can increase the difficulty of your exercise regimen through running by simply doing it on an uphill road. Not only does this exercise burn calories, it also increases your stamina as well. It keeps both your heart and lungs healthy. But the problem is, not everyone has access to proper terrain or weather conditions for running every day. Fortunately, you can count on PaceMaster to have the right fitness equipment for you.

PaceMaster is a company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high quality treadmills. Their products can be seen in homes and gyms all over the world. Simply put, a lot of people rely on a PaceMaster fitness equipment to stay strong and healthy.

If you want to build up your stamina and stay in shape, it is a great idea to also go for a PaceMaster. The question is, which one should you choose? They have a lot of offerings in the market today. Choosing one can be quite a task. But, if money is no object, and you simply want the best offering from this brand, then you can choose from the following treadmills:

PaceMaster Gold Elite Fold Up VR
One of the best offerings from PaceMaster right now is the Gold Elite Fold Up VR. This is great in terms of performance and usability.

For the performance, you have the flexibility to adjust not just the running speed, but the incline of this machine as well. This is great to get the most out of your exercise regimen.

But what’s really enticing about this PaceMaster product is the fact that it can be folded for easy storage. You can literally fold it in your closet and roll it out when you want to use it. No space is wasted with this treadmill.

PaceMaster Platinum ProClub
If gold is not enough then it’s time to go platinum. The PaceMaster Platinum ProClub has all the right features and specifications you want from a top of the line treadmill. This is one fitness equipment that you would really enjoy using.

First of all, this treadmill has a 3HP motor which can provide you with speeds ranging from 0.5MPH to 12MPH. You can also adjust the elevation of this treadmill from 0% to 15% through 0.5% increments. With these adjustments, you can get the most out of the Platinum ProClub.

The tread on this fitness equipment features a unique technology called the Triflex Impact Shock Management so it feels like you’re actually running on air.

PaceMaster Treadmills
When it comes to treadmills, PaceMaster offers some of the best. You can achieve maximum results with fitness equipment from this company. Whether you are building up your body or you simply want to maintain your health, visit one of our following locations:

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