Gym Equipment Prices – Tips Before Shopping

Gym Equipment Prices – Tips Before Shopping

The cost of gym equipment is one of the most notable factors you have to take into consideration. Setting up your own home gym or putting together a fitness and health center is not inexpensive. But knowing the average gym equipment prices will enable you to set aside the appropriate budget for it.

Shopping for Gym Equipment
A research study has revealed important statistics about the spending habits of American households when it comes to sport and fitness equipment. According to the same study, every American household allocates roughly $130 to spend on these equipment. This statistic, however, rose in 2011 wherein the average is now at $640 since more consumers are prioritizing the purchase of multi-station home gyms. If you are one of those that are looking to set up your own home gym, it is important to get an idea of what the current gym equipment prices are so you can also decide what equipment to get.

Upon setting up your personal gym at home, you should not skip the most important type of fitness equipment – cardio equipment. One example is a treadmill. Depending on the brand and the features, prices can start at $990 up to $3,500. The average price for treadmills and other cardio equipment therefore stand at $2,000. Another must-have cardio equipment is an elliptical trainer that is priced at approximately $1,500.

Strength equipment is another important piece of fitness equipment for individuals who want to build muscles and achieve proper toning. For this, you can purchase free weights or weight machines. Dumbbells are among the most popular choice of free weight amongst consumers. Dumbells and other free weight tools are available at $400 per set. Gym equipment prices for a total body workout machine range from $175 (for lower-end models) to $1,400 (for high-end models).

If you want to get a complete set of workout equipment for your home gym, there are also packages available for them. A complete set would include cardio equipment (such as treadmill, elliptical trainers, and cross trainers), weight equipment (dumbbells, etc.), and other workout accessories such as stability balls, exercise bikes, and spinning cycles. Depending on the brand of the fitness equipment and the supplier, a professional gym package can cost up to $77,000.

You also have several options when it comes to setting up your own home gym within a budget. For instance, you can purchase other cardio exercise equipment alternatives such as step machines, jump ropes, etc. These are comparably more affordable than opting for treadmills and other bulky cardio machines. The same approach goes with weight machines. You can opt for the cheaper set of free weights instead.

For those who want to purchase home gym equipment, you should look for a reputable gym equipment shop that will offer you quality gym equipment at reasonable prices such as Fitness Expo Stores.

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