How the Proform Treadmill Equipment Benefits Women

How the Proform Treadmill Equipment Benefits Women

Every year, approximately 5,000 Americans die because of some form of heart disease and another 3,000 die because of obesity. Sadly, a majority of the victims of obesity and heart diseases are women. Factors that hasten the development of these diseases in women include metabolic syndrome, menopause, smoking and mental stress and so on. But with the right diet and exercise, you can be saved from falling into the statistics of women dying each year because of these conditions. One of the main pieces of exercise equipment that can help you achieve this goal is a Proform treadmill.

Having your own Proform treadmill machine help you get in shape without leaving the comforts of your home. There are different kinds of treadmills from Proform. There’s the Power Series, the Performance Series, the Pro Series, the Trailrunner Series, the Tech Series and the ZT Series.

Different Kinds of Proform Treadmills

Performance Series
The Proform Performance Series feature incline of 12 to 15 percent at a speed of 10 to 12mph. It has four treadmills ranging from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. The more expensive ones usually come with better motors and longer decks.

Power Series
The Power Series consist of two Proform models: the Power 995 and the Power 1080. Both these treadmills have 60-inch running areas and power ramps that go up to 15 percent inclination. They are foldable and with more powerful motors.

Tech Series
The Tech Series combine several engineering technologies in one. Although they come with less powerful motors, they have built-in TV and iPod music stations. They are also compatible with the iFit workout technology and the iFit Live.

ZT Series
The series of treadmills under ZT are known for their shorter running belts, at 55 inches only, and their less powerful motors. Maximum speed for models under this series is set at 12mph with the most inclination of 12%.

Pro Series
If a Proform treadmill belongs to the Pro Series, it is expected to have a full-color touchscreen menu with built-in iFit live technology. It is the only treadmill created by Proform that can decline to up to 6%.

Trailrunner Series
The treadmill models under this series have running decks of up to 60 inches, motor speed of up to 12mph in a 15% incline as well as touchscreen menus and compatible iFit Live technology.

Because of the availability of six different categories, there is definitely a Proform treadmill for every woman’s needs.  If you are a runner, the Trailrunner Series is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can just settle with the slower and less powerful motor of those under the ZT series. In any case, you can simply configure the treadmill’s settings to suit your and your family’s needs.

No matter which model you choose, a Proform treadmill gives you better cardiovascular health by conditioning your heart to function well. But the best thing about this treadmill is that despite the sophisticated technology behind it, it remains to be affordable and trendy – two of the main things women look for in any exercise equipment.

Reduce your risks of heart disease and obesity by eating a balanced diet, living a healthier lifestyle and exercising on a Proform treadmill. We offer Proform treadmill machines at the best prices in  Jackson, MS and New Orleans.

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