How Long Does Shreveport Commercial Fitness Equipment Last?

How Long Does Shreveport Commercial Fitness Equipment Last?

Whether you run a fitness club or offer workout equipment in your hotel, the quality, and lifespan of your equipment investment matters. Commercial-quality fitness equipment can seem expensive when you’re exploring options, but it’s important to realize that this equipment is designed to withstand daily, practically constant use for years.

The average lifespan for commercial gym equipment ranges from five to seven years. However, with proper use, maintenance, and regularly-scheduled service, your fitness equipment can last ten years or more.

At Shreveport Fitness Expo Stores, our professional fitness consultants can help you select the perfect equipment for your needs and ensure your staff understands what these machines require daily to last for years to come.

Proper care and maintenance of all machines can maximize your equipment investment. Below, we’ll break down steps you can take to protect your machines and keep them running at their best.

Commercial Gym Equipment – first step to making it last

The first step in protecting your investment is to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with the machines understand proper usage and care. Our staff will help walk you through the steps so that you can instruct your own staff with confidence. Your staff, in turn, will then be able to help members and guests understand the machines; they will also help you keep track of maintenance for the machines and ensure they receive regular care.

Helping your staff understand the machines thoroughly also opens up the opportunity for them to interact and encourage members. Instructing members in proper machine etiquette and usage not only shows you care about your equipment but also shows your members that you care about their fitness experience. It opens new doors for personal trainers and staff to form relationships with your clientele.

You will want to ensure that equipment introductions are also a part of training for any incoming staff. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps the newcomers understand the importance of machine maintenance and proper use.

Commercial Quality Fitness Equipment – Follow a Daily Maintenance Checklist for Best Results

All fitness equipment, both commercial and home-grade, include regular maintenance instructions. However, you can go one step beyond by providing daily checklists for the care of the machine. This can help your opening and closing staff members ensure that the machines are regularly cared for.

These lists should include tasks such as wiping down equipment, vacuuming beneath machines (especially under treadmills), testing consoles (touchscreens and/or buttons), checking any upholstery, and checking strength equipment cables.

Many of these issues cover both equipment maintenance and member safety. Help your teams brainstorm a routine and a way to track progress through the day.

Have a Technician Regularly Service the Machines

We see our doctors on a regular basis to ensure all our parts are running smoothly. Pets see their veterinarians every year for routine wellness visits and vaccinations. Even our cars receive maintenance at least every six months— check the oil, check tires and balance, check fluids. It makes sense that our commercial-grade fitness equipment also benefits from wellness checks.

While some warranties require a minimum maintenance schedule to remain valid, you can stay ahead of the curve by working with our staff to prepare a preventative maintenance program. These programs may seem daunting, especially for larger facilities with more equipment, but they can save you in the long run. The service team at Shreveport Fitness Expo are happy to help you determine what weekly, monthly, and annual tasks your staff can perform and those that are better done by technicians.

These programs limit club liability and decrease overall cost by catching troubles with machines and parts before they become an issue and making repairs under warranty. You can also reduce damage to the machines by catching worn parts before they affect the pieces around them.

Let Fitness Expo Take Care of All Your Fitness Equipment Needs

After 34 years of service, we continue to offer top brands and value prices. We offer the latest in state-of-the-art fitness equipment and comfortable experience in our showrooms. All of our fitness consultants are highly-trained and know each machine’s quality and comfort— you can even try the equipment out for yourself in our showroom.

Let our experts help you find the best machines to fit your wants and needs; we’ll even help with financing, handle the delivery and installation, and introduce you to our service department to help maximize the life of your investment.

Best Selection

We offer one of the largest selections of top-quality products from highly respected, reputable, and recognizable brands such as Precor and Octane. You can browse our machines both in our showroom and online.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on a low-price guarantee— we won’t be beaten! We offer special pricing on the best high-quality commercial and residential grade equipment.

Delivery and Installation

We take the hassle out of new equipment by handling all of the delivery and installation processes. This includes providing the trucks, loading and unloading, installation, calibration, and packaging disposal. We’ll keep the process quick and easy, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Financing Options

We understand that commercial equipment is a big investment. While some companies have the capital to purchase machines immediately, we can help your company make wise financial decisions by curating a financing plan based on your needs and budget. We also host promotions throughout the year, so you can find the equipment you want at an even better rate than usual.

Fitness Consultants

We offer professional, no-pressure consultants both in-store and online. These highly experienced and skilled experts can help you determine the best machines for your facility and walk you through proper use and care so that you can instruct your staff in the same with confidence.

Service Technicians

We provide efficient, high-quality service for your machines. You can rest assured that your equipment is in capable hands when you work with our service department. Our in-house technicians are all certified and highly-trained to optimize your machines.

Call us or drop by today for a superb selection of fitness commercial equipment and expert advice from commercial gym equipment specialists that care.