How Louisiana People Can Rank Better in Fitness

How Louisiana People Can Rank Better in Fitness

Recently the American College of Sports Medicine released its 2015 American Fitness Index. For eight years in a row, the review has assessed the overall health of the 50 top cities in the United States. Unfortunately, New Orleans-Metairie came in at number 42 of the these 50 cities. With a little extra effort, there are easy ways Louisiana people can rank better in fitness and live longer, healthier lives.

Self-Control and Portion Control

It takes self-control but you can minimize the portions you eat. Eliminating your favorite foods might seem to be impossible when you start working toward your fitness goals. Try having half the size of your usual serving. If you are still hungry, have a salad or eat some fresh fruit for dessert. Instead of having white breads and pasta, try hearty whole-grain versions that are still quite satisfying. Skip the gravy and fattening sauces or just have a small teaspoon of them. Small changes can add up to big results.

Move Your Body

Instead of sitting around, take opportunities to move your body. Once again, you can start out small and keep building on your efforts. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from the stores or walk to your local errands. Go for a short walk after meals. Soon it will feel good to move your body and you will look forward to taking time out for exercise. Make exercise more fun by playing badminton with your family, walking the dog or going for swim on a warm day.

Exercise at Home

Some people feel self-conscious about joining a gym or never make the time to fit it into their hectic routines. Instead of wishing you could get to the gym, it makes sense to invest in workout equipment for your home so you always have an opportunity to exercise. It will always be there whenever you are ready. A elliptical provides a complete workout with minimal stress on your joints. This low impact workout is very effective. It is possible to work more muscles and burn calories with less effort. Even newbies can get started and see results right in the privacy of their own homes.

Choosing an Elliptical

Some elliptical machines offer upper body movement while others do not. There are also standing and seated elliptical machines, based on the type of workout you want and your current physical capabilities. For example, the Octane Fitness xRide recumbent, model xR4, offers a total body workout without all the stress. It has an active seat position for a comfortable fit that also maximizes your muscle use. Add strength training intervals and cross training for incredible results. It is affordable and the compact size fits into almost any space in your home.

The first step for Louisianans to get fit is easier than you might think. With some basic menu planning and ongoing exercise, we can start heading up toward the top of the annual fitness list – and be proud of our accomplishments without feeling deprived.