How to Pack and Move Your Treadmill

How to Pack and Move Your Treadmill

Living healthy is increasingly essential, considering the stresses of current life. 

That being said, those busy schedules often mean people rely on personal fitness equipment like weights and treadmills. 

That convenience comes at a price, though, especially when you need to move houses. 

Whether the goal is to move locally or go across the country, you will need a team of experts that will guarantee the equipment will be handled with care. 

That is why Fitness Expo Stores is one of the best alternatives within the state of Louisiana to move the equipment.

Steps to Take During the Move

Moving the large pieces of equipment such as treadmills is usually the hardest part of the movement. 

One always has to make sure to plan how moving the treadmill is going to work. 

Many of them typically come entirely disassembled. 

That means getting out of the home could be a challenge as opposed to getting it in. 

Hallways, door frames, and stairs may pose a significant challenge when it comes to getting the treadmill out of the building. 

You should make sure to plan the route before beginning the move, as this can reduce the chances of damage to the equipment. 

You also need to think about how to get it into the home where it is going to fit. 

There is nothing worse than going through the trouble of moving large equipment only to find that it is not able to fit into the designated area.


Before starting the process, you may want to put some moving blankets on the floor. 

This is to make sure that your treadmill doesn’t scratch the floors or that the equipment isn’t damaged during the disassembly process. 

Depending on the way the particular treadmill is put together, you may want to fold down or take apart the different pieces of the treadmill. 

Place the larger elements on the blanket and the smaller ones, such as the nuts and screws in a plastic bag. 

When you are finished, tie-down straps to bind the elements together, making sure that things cannot move around. You can use packing tape to tape down the wires and loose cords.


Ask for assistance when moving the large pieces of equipment. 

It is not a one-person job. In fact, it is a job that usually requires three or four people, including one that functions as a spotter. 

If you have a larger treadmill like the Precor TRM731 Treadmill, a dolly can be more-or-less necessary to complete the move. 

At the same time, if an elevator is there and the treadmill can fit, then you need to ensure that it is reserved in advance of the move. You should not take the weight of the treadmill lightly. 

If you believe that you need more assistance for the purpose of the move, then just ask for it. 

Always try to lift correctly by using your knees when picking anything up as opposed to using your back.

Transporting the Treadmill to Your New Home

Your treadmill has successfully made the trip to the new place without incident. 

The next task is to get it back into shape. In the same way as before, place the moving blankets on the floor underneath the packed treadmill and begin to reassemble the treadmill. 

For safety purposes, after assembly, test out the mechanical equipment before using it.

What to Do About Stairs

When moving the machine upstairs from the basement or downstairs from the workout room, the movers are going to have to perform extra precautions. 

The individual who carries the lower end would be at risk for injury should the one at the top lose their grip. 

After making sure the floors are stable for the moving of the treadmill to the ground floor, the move is going to take place with care. They might take extra precautions to avoid the damage or the drywall or the floors.

Delivery and Installation

Fitness expo stores provide installations as well for new and used fitness equipment in the state of Louisiana. Some of the equipment we install includes top-tier treadmills (like the Precor TRM835 Experience TM Series) and strength machines. 

We are experts as well in logistics assembly and installation of fitness equipment in fitness facilities and gyms. 

Our employees are highly trained in delivery and installation to assigned locations. 

We can offer ideas as well for organizing the layout of the equipment, depending on the personal or commercial area of the customer. 

We have several years’ experience in the installation of treadmills, stair climbers, indoor cycles, and exercise bikes from a number of manufacturers. 

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