Moving to a New House? Here’s How to Transport Your Gym

Moving to a New House? Here’s How to Transport Your Gym

Personal exercise equipment is fairly convenient seeing as it allows you to work out from the comfort of your home, but that quickly becomes a burden when you have to transport gym equipment. 

That is why Fitness Expo Stores is the right option for you. 

We provide moving tips, consultation, and logistics for delivery and installation should you need it in the Jackson, Mississippi area. 

There is a wrong and right way to move exercise equipment to your new home, and the following are some tips that you need to consider when you transport gym equipment

Prepare, Check and Clean

The first step when moving gym equipment is to clean and sanitize your workout gear. 

The last thing one wants is to bring bacteria from the old home into the new one. 

Cleaning the equipment is also to keep it looking brand new after the move is finished. 

The other thing is to wipe down the mats and other accessories with an all-purpose cleaner. 

All of the surfaces on the equipment should be cleaned as well. 

An excellent complement for cardboard boxes is milk crates or sturdy plastic tubs, which are suitable for weights. The thing is to be sure not to overload them so they cannot be lifted.

Moving Hand Weights, Barbells and Dumbbells

If you have different sets of heavyweight plates or a few light hand weights, then it would be great to make sure the moving boxes have the strength to handle the load. It would help if you used small cardboard boxes as opposed to trying to get all of the units within a big box. 

That will assist with the weight distribution of the equipment evenly, and it helps with maintaining the bottom of the boxes so that the packaging is stable. 

Should the boxes not be sturdy enough to hold the weights, it is suggested to purchase plastic bins to handle the load. Once you have gotten the right boxes, you can wrap the weights in bubble wrap or even newspapers to protect them during the move. 

Even old towels can do the trick. You may also label the boxes as heavy. 

It is going to provide a buffer as well to prevent the weights from hitting each other and damaging the box. It is possible to also prevent them from shifting by stuffing the cartons with towels and blankets.

Moving an Elliptical

The elliptical is rather bulky, which makes it a bit trickier to move than equipment, which can fold or easily disassemble like treadmills.

It is recommended to disassemble the elliptical trainer such as the Matrix A30 Trainer XR Elliptical hardware to make it easier to maneuver through hallways and doors.

You can take the pedals and handlebars apart from the base of the machine with a wrench and screwdriver. from there, collect the nuts and bolts and put them in a labeled bag, so you do not lose them. 

Once the machine has safely been taken apart, the elliptical should be light so that you can manage it.

Moving Stationary Bikes

As indoor cycling continues to increase in popularity, many people are looking to take a spin in their homes. 

The great thing is moving them into moving trucks is not as hard as other equipment. 

The bike should be protected using a moving blanket, if you have an electric bike, unplug it and save the cords within a designated area. 

While moving as well, place something underneath the bicycle to protect the flooring from scratches and the equipment itself.

Use Moving Blankets

You need to place blankets on the floor for the equipment when moving them out of the old apartment and into the new home. 

The moving blankets serve a protection purpose for both the flooring of the places and the equipment itself. There needs to be as little friction during the moving as possible, so things do not get damaged in any way.

Hire Home Gym Movers for Installation

As stated before, fitness expo stores deal with delivery and logistics should you have a busy schedule or the inability to facilitate the equipment moves. 

A home gym is expensive, so it requires great care when moving it to the new home. 

Our staff has years of experience when it comes to handling gym equipment and can assist in the logistics necessary to make the moving day as painless as possible for you. 

If you are looking for a professional moving team, then consider us as well. 

Our wealth of experience allows us to recognize all of the small details and be there to support you fully.

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