How to Stop the Self-Sabotage That Prevents You From Exercising

How to Stop the Self-Sabotage That Prevents You From Exercising

When it comes to exercising everyday, there is an old saying that is often true. We become our own worst enemies because we make excuses about why we can’t workout. This creates a vicious cycle of self-sabotage that can ultimately lead to poor health, including heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more. Learn how to stop the self-sabotage that prevents you from exercising so you can enjoy the best body and health possible.


Nobody Has Extra Time


A lack of time is probably the oldest and poorest excuse used to avoid exercise. Very few people have extra time on their hands in today’s fast-paced world. A lack of time is simply an excuse to avoid exercise. You might talk on the phone, watch a television program, or chat with a co-worker for 20 minutes. Use this time to exercise instead. Or learn how to multi-task by setting up a home gym where you can watch your favorite television show, chat with someone important or study for school while you workout. Walk or jog your way to fitness on the Precor TRM 223 with convenience features that make working out at home a breeze.


Working Out for Less Than a Half Hour Doesn’t Count


There are hectic days when a half hour of exercise simply does not fit into your schedule. This never means you should stop moving. Even ten minutes of exercise is better than doing nothing. No matter how busy your day was, there are always ten extra minutes to get on the exercise bike and pedal your way to fitness. The Horizon Comfort R Recumbent bike is comfortable to sit on, even after a long day. In just ten minutes, you’ll feel better about yourself and do something good for your body. Plus, this level of dedication will help to keep you motivated to exercise in the days ahead. It is important to make exercising a habit and fit it into your schedule every day.


Household Responsibilities Can Be Distracting


From demanding kids to endless loads of laundry, you will also find excuses at home to skip your workouts. Give the kids something to do for ten minutes while you jog on the treadmill or ride on the bike. Consider encouraging them to be active, too. Put on their favorite songs to fuel your workout and get them to dance, jog, and to jumping jacks while you workout. The whole family will be getting fit! If the chores are your distraction, put in a load of laundry while you workout. By the time the bells rings, a chore will be done and so will your workout.


Getting Past Physical Issues


From a health condition to an injury from an accident, sometimes people need to face off with physical issues before they can resume a daily exercise routine. Talk to your doctor about healthy ways to exercise. Consider working with a physical therapist if you are having difficulties. Start with just ten minutes of exercise each day and add five minutes every week. After a little more than a month, you will be exercising for a half hour each day.