Innovative Commercial Exercise Equipment for Beating Obesity

Innovative Commercial Exercise Equipment for Beating Obesity

Obesity-related complications impose a significant economic burden on society as they increase healthcare expenditure and contribute to costs associated with decreased productivity. In the United States alone, the number of obese adults has risen by about 10 percent in the past ten years. The causes of obesity are diverse and complex, but there is strong evidence that genetic factors play a major role in the development of this medical condition. Scientists have gathered new insights that suggest significant linkage between gene variations and obesity and some of its harmful consequences. Although there is a huge correlation between genetic variation and obesity traits, recent study reveals that individuals who are genetically predisposed to obesity can counter the influence of their genes by performing moderate amounts of regular exercise. The beneficial effects of exercise on obesity-related risks have motivated a number of adults to engage in routine workouts and led to an increase in the popularity of commercial exercise equipment.

Over the recent years, a large number of leading fitness equipment suppliers serving in the United States, have expanded their commercial exercise equipment solutions to cater to the  diverse interests and physical fitness requirements of various types of consumers. Most of these exercise-based products are designed to address the growing consumer interest for professional quality commercial exercise equipment and meet the needs of commercial fitness centers and professional training facilities. Recent market trends have shown that many fitness equipment manufacturers are now focusing more on low-impact exercise machines that appeal to a wide range age of consumers.

With increased knowledge gained from researches, more consumers tend to purchase commercial exercise equipment that is safer and less strenuous to use. In fact, the fitness equipment industry has seen an increase in the demand for commercial exercise equipment that provides intensive but low impact work out. Individuals who participate in low-impact exercises are less likely to develop knee injuries and back problems than those who perform high impact workouts. High impact exercise is a common form of exercise in which both feet consistently lose contact with the ground, putting an enormous amount of pressure on the joints.  On the other hand, low impact exercise generally refers to the type of exercise that does not place excessive pressure on the body.

It has been revealed that low-impact fitness machines offer a convenient workout experience that can significantly enhance flexibility and alleviate both pain and stiffness. For this reason, low impact exercise machines are most suited for use by beginners as well as individuals with back complications and connective tissue injuries. One of latest products on the market is the commercial exercise equipment called elliptical trainer. Elliptical training machines have earned explosive popularity in recent years due to its ability to provide full-body workout while preventing sore muscles and lower extremity injuries.  While not exactly new in the fitness industry, the rowing machine is another hot trend in gyms and fitness clubs. Rowing machines simulate the movement of a rowing boat to burn fats, build and strengthen the muscles, and increase cardiovascular efficiency.

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