Is Your School Gym Equipment Safe? Here are Ways to Find Out

Is Your School Gym Equipment Safe? Here are Ways to Find Out

An important part of youth education is their health, having a healthy lifestyle is promoted by schools having the required school gym equipment. 

Having exercise fitness equipment for schools like a Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill will not only be helpful for strengthening your body but using this equipment can also be a good fit for many things like having an in-shape body, losing weight, keeping your body healthy, maintaining a strong heart, mental health and balancing your cholesterol.

Like every other fitness industry, there is a constant evolution on school gyms, however, due to the limitation on the school’s budget they can’t usually get the latest equipment, and keeping the gym equipment safe is often not an easy task. 

Keep Your Students Safe And Your Staff Prepared

Every school with gym equipment should focus on their students’ safety as they will, most likely, not be familiar with this kind of equipment in the first instance, including lifting and exercise methods the school’s staff responsible for the gym should educate the students as well as provide them with the required safety equipment or gear. 

Make sure that the proper safety protocols and strategies are set and known by the staff/teachers in order to avoid a delayed response on negligence in the case of a student with an injury.

Assess Your School Gym Equipment

Expect the best, prepare for the worst. take a walk around the school’s exercise equipment and use your imagination, what could go wrong? Are the machines on a proper location?

Make sure the equipment has a continuous maintenance check, try to identify any potential risks and create an action plan to prevent them. 

Even having a plan for every single situation you can imagine and although we are looking to avoid them all, there is always a chance for things to go wrong, hence one of the most important points is to keep your staff trained and well prepared in the case of an accident or emergency situation.

Exercise Fitness Equipment Maintenance

As we mentioned above, maintenance on a regular basis is pretty important, an inspection should be performed to every gym machine regularly in order to be in an optimal condition and considerably reduce the chance of a malfunction causing an accident or any other threat to its users – your students- safety and comfort, a Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike offers both with its easy access step-through design. 

It is important to look for unsecured cables, frayed cables, any damage, and continuing failures on every machine.

Listen to the Students

While monitoring your school’s gym equipment will help you keep things in as good of order as you can, it’s not practical for you to continually test each piece of equipment by yourself. That being said, those who do use the equipment often – the students at your school – will have much more experience with the machines on an individual basis. 

If they tell you there’s something wrong with a machine, take their word for it the first time they say something and investigate further. 

Even if they’re wrong in their assumption that something is wrong, it will be a lot less time consuming to check out their complaints the first time, and far more cost-efficient for the school if they don’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements when a simple bolt tightening would have sufficed.

Proper Use Of Gear or Uniform and Rules Enforcement

Students may tend to ignore the rules but it is imperative for students to wear the proper uniform or gear before using any gym equipment as another recommendation to avoid any injuries or accidents. 

That being said, let it be clear that rules are not made to be broken, they are made for a reason and that is to make sure every student is safe. 

Starting with teachers, every rule should be strictly followed. Breaking a single rule can lead to a series of unfortunate events causing, in the best of the cases, a broken gym machine or even worse an accident involving one of the students.

Gym class is regularly one of the student’s favorite times of the day, given the fact that obesity is a growing problem between youth gym classes are now more important than ever before, teaching them about a healthy lifestyle and the use of exercise fitness equipment is our responsibility as educators of them. 

The school gym equipment will be there for them but the equipment requires to be properly utilized by everyone while at the same time ensuring it to have a lengthy lifespan. 

Keeping your teachers well trained and prepared, assessing your school gym equipment, having proper maintenance on your equipment while at the same using the proper uniform or gear and enforcing the rules will assure every student and teacher will have an engaging and safe time during gym class.