Learn About the Fitness and Nutrition Brainchild of a New Orleans Native

Learn About the Fitness and Nutrition Brainchild of a New Orleans Native

Establishing a home gym is an important first step toward losing weight and getting healthier. Some people also take supplements to take their diet and workout efforts to the next levels. Learn about the fitness and nutrition brainchild of a New Orleans native who is competing in the Big Idea pitch contest during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.


A Complete Approach to Fitness


When people setup a home gym, they typically include resistance training and aerobics equipment. For example, people can get a complete working using the Life Fitness G4 home gym and the Octane Q47 elliptical. Over time, a person might want to add a treadmill and stationary bike to mix up their workouts. After making this investment and showing dedication to working out, taking supplements is another way to boost your fitness efforts. Crutcher Reiss of New Orleans, with his then-girlfriend Sarah Kirkwood, came up with an idea of creating a protein-based powder that makes it possible for users to customize the ingredients to suit their unique needs.


Customized Workouts and Supplements


Each person has a unique metabolism and is motivated by different things. Determining what gets a person going and helps them achieve results is the ideal way to help them get fit. Knowing your body, limitations and goals makes a big difference. Just like you can customize your home gym setup, you can now customize your protein supplement to boost your results. Reiss was a tight end for the football team at the University of Virginia, where he met Sarah, who was an outside hitter for the volleyball team. No strangers to fitness, the dynamic duo realized most fitness supplements did not consider users’ different body types, goals and lifestyle restrictions. Different people need different ingredients in a supplement, just as no two workout routines are exactly the same.


Bringing It All Together


In June 2013, Reiss and Kirkwood got married. In the fall of 2013, after working with scientists, dietitians and professional athletes, they launched a beta version of the supplement from their Manhattan apartment. By June, they moved to New Orleans to an Uptown house with a lease on an office. Now Reiss’ myMix is in the competition for a cash prize at the Big Idea pitch contest. Bringing it all together can make a big difference in whether you succeed or fail. Establishing a convenient home gym, sticking to a workout schedule and customizing supplements can be the right combo to exceed your fitness goals.


Keep in mind each person has different needs when it comes to working out, dieting and taking supplements. What works for your friend might not be effective for you. Try variations and continue to get educated about fitness. With some trial and error, you will find the ultimate combination to get fit and feel fantastic. Talk to industry professionals about investing in the ideal fitness equipment. Take additional steps to update your diet and daily habits to support your daily workouts and get the results you want.