Life Fitness F1 – A Folding Treadmill with LifeSpring Shock Absorbers

The treadmill is the most common item to purchase for a home gym. However when purchasing a treadmill, quality is an important issue. Fitness Expo Stores carries a range of treadmills to fit both home and commercial gym setups. The Life Fitness F1 is a unique model designed to provide a high quality workout experience along with a space saving folding feature.

Life Fitness F1 Overview
The Life Fitness F1 is a treadmill that was designed with the home gym in mind. It is designed to run quietly and eve has a safety lock in place to protect children from getting injured by accidentally turning on the machine. This machine is also designed for a small area so that it does not take up a lot of space when it is placed in your home gym.

Have you ever wanted to save your workout plan in the machine? No longer do you have to just remember where you left off in your workout during the previous day. The Life Fitness F1 features a GoSystem Quick Start program that remembers your preferred speeds to walk, run or job so that you don’t have to do the adjustments each time you workout.

The console features a space to dock your iPod so that you are not searching for a space to put your phone while you workout. The space to place a device for listening to music while you workout is often overlooked by a lot of machines and this one was designed with this need in mind.

The most important feature of the Life Fitness F1 is the Patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System. This system is designed to reduce stress on the joints by up to 30percent. Running outside can often be harsh for the joints and this machine wants to make sure that you get a great workout without the damage.

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