LifeCore 1050RB – Take Control of Your Workouts

You can exercise with any machine, it is true, but experienced athletes and exercisers know that high quality tools can produce outstanding results. A machine like the LifeCore 1050RB recumbent stationary bike, for example, allows users to take precise control of their workout in ways that more basic devices simply can’t approach. This can lead to better results, higher performance, and improved physical health.

The 1050RB is sold at Fitness Expo stores in Kenner, Shreveport, Mandeville, Jackson, Metairie, and Baton Rouge.

The 1050RB comes with a stunning 16 levels of magnetic resistance – rather than simply increasing tension on a belt, the wheel is resisted by magnets, allowing for precise grades of toughness for your workout needs. The Ergo-Flex mesh seat adjusts to the specific posture requirements of its users as well, allowing you to exercise in the best position possible for your workout. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Fitness Expo can show you each of these features, and how to set up your machine for your specific needs. They can also demonstrate how to take advantage of the LifeCore’s suite of electronic options.

The electronic features are just as amazing as the physical ones, in fact. First, there are 12 preset programs for you to take advantage of, ranging from simple exercises to grueling muscle-testing routines. These come with four additional pre-set heart rate programs, allowing you to test from 55% of your capacity to 95% depending on your needs for the day.

The computer also comes with heart-rate monitoring systems, of course, to let you know how close to your goals each exercise is pushing you, and letting you easily track your progress in burning calories. Seven adjustable user profiles mean you can call up your specific information without having to reprogram the machine every time you use it.

The LifeCore is a precision machine for expert users. Of course, this doesn’t disqualify people just beginning their workout experience who want to start with the best tool possible. Being in complete control of your workout experience from the very beginning can make sure you never waste time, and minimize training plateaus.