Multiple Machines in One Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)

Multiple Machines in One Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)

If there is one thing about gyms in Louisiana during the summer, it’s that they get extra busy with people trying to escape the heat and humidity while still getting a workout – but you won’t need a gym membership if you have the right equipment in your home. With the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) from Precor, you can maintain your cardiovascular training for the August Louisiana triathlons, such as the Games of Acadiana or the Yam City triathlon.

Targeted, Customized Training on Your Terms
What sets the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer in a class of its own is the machine’s ability to let you change your workout based only on your stride. You won’t have to move pins or program the computer, just alter your step. Ask the experts in person at one of Louisiana’s Fitness Expo Stores to see the Adaptive Motion Trainer in action.

A Full Workout without the Work
Changing exercises and targeted muscle groups is easy. Try warming up with short strides to replicate walking to get your heart rate up. Once you are ready to go faster, lengthen your strides slightly to match those that you make while jogging. If you want to get the feel of running without putting strain on your knees and feet, move your feet in as wide a stride as you can comfortably make. Should you decide to change to a workout for your hips and glutes, move your feet up and down as though you were climbing stairs.

Triathlon Training
You can use the Adaptive Motion Trainer for triathlon training. The short, stair-stepping stride helps you to build the muscles that you would use for riding a bicycle. Turning down the resistance and getting more strides of any length in during a minute will help boost your cardiovascular health, which will help for the entire event. The training programs on the machine for intervals also help you to build your stamina. Long strides help your body to practice the movements you will use for the running portion of the triathlon.

Check out the Adaptive Motion Trainer as an addition to your Louisiana triathlon training. You can use the machine at home and exercise in comfort while avoiding the gym.