The Home Gym That has it All – the Vectra VX-48

When looking at home gyms, there are several features to consider. If you are not concerned about saving space, you will want to look at how versatile and easy a machine is to use. A multi-station gym with multiple weight stacks will give you the biggest return on your dollar.

Why Multi-weight Stacks are Important
If you want a home gym that gives you the available resistance you see in commercial gyms for all the exercises you do, multiple weight stacks can help. Having more than a single weight stack means that you can use more weight for certain exercises and spend less time switching cables and making adjustments for the next exercise.

The Importance of Preparing a Place
Any home gym needs a proper place in your home for it to be kept. A basement is a good place because the sound of someone using the machine will not disturb others on lower floors as would happen if the home gym was placed on an upper floor of the home. The basement also has the sturdiest floor, and a full, multi-station home gym like the Vectra VX-48 can weigh 1,600 pounds or more, which requires a strong floor to support it. The floor also must be non-slip and completely flat. Avoid putting the gym in a damp place, and do not set it where parts may slide during use. If you are not certain of how a home gym should be positioned, take a look at the Vectra VX-48 in action at Fitness Expo stores or in a commercial gym, and pay close attention to the floor under the machine.

Maintaining Your Equipment
Commercial gyms have people to regularly check the cables and other moving parts, but for a home gym, you will have to do this job yourself. Things to check on your home gym include the locking pins, the cables and any moving parts. If weights stick or will not move, never try to move them without assistance. Grab a friend or two to help you to unstick the weights to prevent crushed fingers or hands. Always keep children and pets away from the gym to prevent injuries to these tiny members of your household. If it is possible, keep your home gym inside a room with a locking door. Lock the door when you are not using the machine. This protection is especially needed for larger home gyms like the Vectra VX-48.

Among home gyms, the most versatile and useful is the Vectra VX-48, but if you want to get a large, multi-station home gym that several people can use at one, you need to be ready to prepare a place in your home for your new equipment and do regular maintenance. By doing these, your investment in a commercial-grade strength trainer system for your home will be rewarded by the convenience of having all the machines of a standard gym just a room away.