New Exercise Equipment: Expectations Vs. Reality

New Exercise Equipment: Expectations Vs. Reality

Picture this: You come across this beautiful dress online and you’re already imagining yourself looking magnificent in it that will put all Disney princesses to shame.

The dress arrives only to find that the color looks bland and it doesn’t fit in the right places.

Welcome to expectations vs. reality conundrum that pretty sure we experienced in so many points of our life.

This goes to the same when we’re buying new exercise equipment, especially online. The digital age is the new future and everything can be basically done behind your phone screen, whether it’s a bank transaction or inquiring the price of an item.

You may be excited today about getting a new fitness machine. After all, you’ve just realized you have the space for it, you’re enthusiastic about a new regimen you read about what your favorite athlete or star does to keep in shape that seems like something you can do and the stars are aligned and everything.

It’s simply time for new exercise equipment and nothing’s gonna stop you!

However, like any idea or dream, it can quickly change form when entering what is objective reality.

Nothing exists as an idea does because ideas are in a vacuum and reality is not.

You may have some expectations that might be overstated in your mind or even some things you haven’t considered because you’re over-romanticizing the entire concept of getting a new fitness machine.

It’s always important to keep your goals and expectations in reality and this is just a friendly reality check that goes for purchasing any and all fitness equipment.

But First, Setting a Goal

Before going head first and snagging that super cool Lemond/Hoist RevMaster Pro, take a few minutes to think about what your goals are, how fast you think to want to meet them and the reality of maintaining them once met.

Exercise equipment suppliers only provide you the tools for getting fit, but it’s really up to you to not only get there but maintain that level once achieved. Simply buying something is a gesture; using it is an action. Commitment to using it is a dedication to your fitness.

Your Fitness Machine is Your Baby

The part that most people don’t realize or even think about when buying all fitness equipment is that it’s a machine and like any other machine, it’s going to require upkeep, maintenance and even repair sometimes to remain useful.

We all know that one person who has that one piece of exercise equipment that’s now just a goofy looking place they hang their yellow sleeping shirt all the time. It’s not that you shouldn’t buy the equipment, but that it tends to be the same kind of purchase that gyms like to sell to people at New Years and for the same reasons.

The idea of getting fit is not actually something that comes overnight. It’s a lifestyle change and unlike the gym membership which ends up just taking up a little wallet space for people who make the decision simply because the number of the year went up a digit, it’s a large piece of equipment that might even turn into a constant reminder of what you should be doing.

Some people even develop executive function disorder staring at their perceived mistake.

Basically, the idea is that you should already be working toward your fitness goals. The machine isn’t the solution, you are.

A Supplier You Can Trust

Buying exercise equipment from a supplier like Fitness Expo Stores should be considered the next step, a series step after you’ve already proven to yourself you’re able to handle a lifestyle change like that. It doesn’t come easy for anyone, but it definitely becomes easier as you go. You can even think of it as learning to ride a bike.

For a while, you weren’t able to really handle it all that well, but once you got used to it, you probably wanted to ride everywhere, you had a new found power of transit and the feeling of a machine that could take you to the end of the universe. Your first bike wasn’t anything special though.

Eventually, once you learned to ride, you probably got a much nicer bike. A fitness schedule doesn’t start with you plopping down $650 on a Precor 240i Stretch Trainer. It’s your reward for sticking to your doing sit-ups for 20 minutes every Tuesday and Friday for a couple of months and now you want to take your core training to the next level.

Don’t worry, none of this is meant to deter you from getting a new fitness machine.

On the contrary! There’s just no need to make a dramatic decision.

Make a smart decision because the reality and expectations of buying exercise equipment from even flexible suppliers like Fitness Expo Stores in Kenner are easy to let get out of proportions.  

However, it’s completely fine to browse our selection and think about rewarding yourself for getting started.

And then when you’ve met your smaller goals, you can take a trip down to our Kenner location a treat yourself for meeting your first fitness goal and set your next one.