A Rower for Your Home Gym

A Rower for Your Home Gym

A rower can be a sensible choice for your home gym. If you like to boat or be out on the water, a rower can help you get and stay in peak physical condition for when you can get out on the stunning waters of the Gulf or for just rowing around at the lake on the weekend. Think of all the great spots you can row to fish or just enjoy the outdoors if you are in better shape? During the hottest parts of the year, a rower can help you stay in peak physical condition.

Effective Aerobic Workout
A rower is a great low impact way to get your heart rate up and raise the intake of oxygen into your body. Heart rate monitors allow you to easily know when your heart rate reaches a certain level and then allows you to monitor it so that you can slow down and return to resting, at the pace that is right for you. You will be amazed at the quick results you will see in your physical wellbeing and health.

Burns More Calories than Some Fitness Machines
A rower can burn an amazing 600 calories per hour! A recumbent bike workout would take an extra 18 minutes to burn that amount. If calorie burning is your goal, a rower is a machine you should consider for your home gym.

Works Both the Upper and Lower Body
A rower provides a low impact upper and lower body workout with a very low risk of strain or injury. A rower helps you to get stronger wrists and hands as well, which is a good benefit for those that like to participate in sports.

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