Schwinn Airdyne – Lean Look, Robust Results

Some designs are so elegant, so simple, that on seeing them you wonder why they weren’t thought of before. The Schwinn Airdyne’s special air-resistance system is one such design. A simple idea that provides excellent results.

Some fitness experts suggest that an exerciser’s own body is their own worst enemy. The Airdyne takes that idea and turns it upside down – your body is your own ally in working out on this machine. In simple terms, pedaling the Airdyne works the fan mounted in the front of the machine. As the fan turns, air provides the resistance to the blades. So the faster you pedal, the more resistance there is.

That’s the beauty of the machine in one simple explanation. You get as much out of the Airdyne as you put in. No programming, no selecting a specific routine, you set the pace and get the kind of workout you need in response.

Airdyne stationary bikes are available at the Kenner, Metairie, Shreveport, Mandeville, Baton Rouge and Jackson Fitness Expo stores. Fitness Expo staff are very familiar with Schwinn’s unique machine, and can help explain the benefits it can provide your workout routine.

Of course, these aren’t the only features of this excellent device. A sophisticated monitoring system can help users keep track of details such as heart rate, revolutions per minute, distance travelled, and calories burned during a given workout.

Further, this bike isn’t content to let you work your lower body and leave it at that. Moving handles get your upper body into the fun as well, letting you keep your arm, shoulder, and chest muscles toned, as well as increasing the cardiovascular investment in your exercise. This makes the machine very useful for cross-trainers who want to keep their entire body fit.

The Airdyne is also very comfortable to practice with. The seat is designed with real human anatomy in mind, making it properly supportive of good posture during a workout, which reduces strain and discomfort. The fan-based air resistance system moves air around the room, providing a cooling breeze as you work out, letting you do so longer and in more comfort.