Seated Elliptical – Geared towards the Older Generation

Growing older sometimes means that we have to compromise on many things. We are not as energetic or fit, many ailments seem to emerge like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and so on, and, of course, with this there is less exercise as our body naturally slows down.

However, this also does not mean that we have to completely stop doing any kind of exercise involving machines. There are many machines that are suitable for older people, but one such machine, that is targeted towards older people, is the seated elliptical. This machine offers a low impact cardio vascular exercise regime all while having the support of seating. This is perfect for the older generation who very often suffer from arthritis and knee problems, so they do not have to stand.

The seated elliptical comes with a high seat so this is especially beneficial for older people who have had hip replacements or strokes. The seated elliptical machine offers both forward and backward pedaling so that there is a greater range of motion for the hips and knees.
If you are unsure of using this machine but would still like to purchase one, drop into a Fitness Expo Store where their qualified staff will demonstrate the use of the machine so that you are confident and comfortable with using it. Their stores are located at Metairie, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Mandeville, and Kenner in Louisiana and in Jackson, Mississippi.

Most of the seated ellipticals have adjustable seats and are tilted to a 45 degree angle to make it easier to work on and less stressful on the back. The higher seat also makes it easier to get on and off for the mature user.

The seated elliptical makes it possible for a person to target both the lower and upper body or work them separately according to one’s needs.

The machine is ideal for older people, as well as people who are recovering from hip or knee surgery, stroke, or brain injury because of its low impact. It offers them the prospect of improving overall health and fitness and restoring function that may have lessened due to age or illness.