Take Your Workout to the Next Level with Octane Q37

Take Your Workout to the Next Level with Octane Q37

The Octane Q37 is the next step for any home gym that needs expansion. With the various pieces available, it makes sense that the next level to your workout is this award winning elliptical.

The console of the Octane Q37 is simplicity in excellence. Navigate between Quick Start to a higher level of workout with ease. The console also connects to SmartLink, allowing easy linking for your fitness goals and real results. The SmartLink lets you see how hard you’re working out and if you’ve reached your target heart rate. Choose between the Q37XI or Q37X consoles so that your new equipment is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Q37XI has a premium display screen, complete with a high polish. It is offered with Bluetooth and SmartLink connections. The link offers you over 70 workouts and a multi-color feedback center. You can place a tablet on the console for ease with reading, surfing the internet and watching shows. Read your heart rate with a Polar strap that is included with your purchase. The multiple offers with the Q37XI can help you reach your fitness goals.

The Q37X comes with a large display screen. The SmartLink feedback center comes in one color. It will display essential information at the same time, as well as offering two placement options for reading or surfing with a tablet. There are eight workout programs preprogrammed and the heart rate sensor is read through digital contact.

Octane Q37, brought to everyone by Octane Fitness, also has CROSS CiRCUIT. This allows you to combine cardio intervals with strength training for the most effect workout you could accomplish in your own home. Featuring 35 workout plans and 225 exercises taught to you by videos directly from your mobile device, the Octane Q37 CROSS CiRCUIT was designed with suggestions from physical therapists, trainers, and coaches.

To help you reach the next level of your workout regimen, the combination of cardio and strength intervals in one workout session will help you reach your fitness goals faster. Or stretch them out over time to keep a slower pace if that is what you prefer.

Workout tracking lets you see the progress you’ve made over time. You can also store your workouts and preferences. Monitor multiple stats, for bragging rights when you talk with your workout friends over the water cooler at work and make them wish they had the home gym you do, so they could experience the same results as you.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Fitness Expo Stores in Baton Rouge, Louisiana thrive on helping you find the right equipment for your home gym. Not only will they spend as much time with you as needed to help you make the right choice in the store, but once you are ready to take your new piece of equipment home, they will help you set up the equipment. Before leaving you to begin your workout, our staff will make sure you are comfortable with the use of your workout equipment.