Tighten Up Those Abs with the Precor AB-X

Tighten Up Those Abs with the Precor AB-X

Want a six-pack that’s the envy of your friends? Or how about shaping your body perfectly for the NPC’s LA Bodybuilding Championships? You need to work your abs, but standard sit-ups are not efficient enough to get the job done in many cases. A Precor AB-X helps you to maintain form during your crunches while it reduces the strain on your neck. Unlike some other ab machines, this one will adjust to your body size, so you can use it regardless of whether you are 5-feet tall, 6-feet tall or anywhere in between.

If you really want to tone your abs into a chiseled six-pack, doing crunches is the first step, but you will also have to lower your percentage of body fat for your toned abdominal muscles to show. Aerobic exercise and a healthy diet can help you meet this portion of your goal. Once you have that done, you will want to incorporate crunches and other abdominal exercises into your strength training routine to get the perfect muscles you want.

For those just starting out tightening their abs with the Precor AB-X, the proper form is critical. A good starting place is to perform three sets of eight to ten crunches, focusing on using the abdominal muscles to bring the upper half of the body forward. The design of the machine helps keep the body in the proper place and forces the exerciser to use his or her abdominals instead of the shoulders or neck. This design allows for a more efficient abdominal work out. More practiced bodybuilders may want to do more crunches in each set with the Precor AB-X to challenge the body and build more muscles.

Toning your abdominal muscles is not just a good idea if you want to be a bodybuilder. Everyone, from stay-at-home moms to cubicle workers to weekend warriors, can benefit from having stronger abs. The abdominals are the core muscles that help to keep the body upright. Having stronger abs means you will likely have less back pain and more strength when lifting. The abdominals are used daily, so doesn’t it make sense to train them properly to carry you through your day, no matter what that might entail?

You may have seen ab machines like the Precor AB-X before at gyms. The AB-X is a commercial model that is sold to gyms, but you can also have it at home to get your workout done during the commercial break of “Wife Swap” or one of the many “CSI” series. You can try out the Precor AB-X at your local gym or stop by a local Fitness Expo store for expert advice and assistance.

Don’t put your shoulders and neck at risk for strain by doing standard crunches. Use an ab machine that will help you to maintain your form. It will make your ab workouts more efficient and less painful. Your six-pack is just a short time away when you incorporate proper ab exercises into your healthy lifestyle.