Train for a Marathon inside Your Home with a Life Fitness F1

Train for a Marathon inside Your Home with a Life Fitness F1

Your training for races like the Baton Rouge Beach marathon in December begins at home. You don’t have to go out and run every day, especially if your work hours prevent you from being able to train outdoors during daylight hours. Your other alternative is to visit a gym, but this is not your only option. Why not bring the same treadmills you would see in a gym into your home for your marathon training?

Start Small to Reach Your Marathon Goals
Start off slowly to get your body up to a marathon-ready condition. You should begin by alternating walking and jogging for 30 seconds each, then work your way up to several minutes of each exercise during one workout. This regime can be done outside, but don’t give up on your exercising if you run into bad weather. With the Life Fitness F1 treadmill, you get the same type of treadmill you find in a gym without having to wait for someone else to finish with it.

The Life Fitness F1
Compared to running on pavement outside, you can experience up to 30 percent less strain on your joints when you choose the F1 treadmill. That is because this treadmill model features LifeSpring, which reduces the damage to your joints from walking and running. Fitness Expo stores in Louisiana have this treadmill available for you to try out and talk to fitness professionals about.

Technology Meets Running
While the Life Fitness F1 treadmill provides comfort, it also has several technological features to help it, and you, to run. You can reduce how much electricity this treadmill draws by using the Energy Saver function. Not only does this treadmill lower its utility footprint in your home, it also folds up to minimize the amount of storage space you need. The on-board electronic system connects to the Life Fitness website, so you can customize your programs. If you want to use your iPod while you run, connect it to the treadmill, which also charges your music player.

By using the Life Fitness F1, which is a technologically savvy treadmill that puts less strain on your joints, you can prepare for your first or next marathon in comfort.