Types of School Gym Equipment for Different Age Groups

Children’s physical health remains an important concern for schools, particularly at a time when the rates of childhood obesity continue to rise. As part of their responsibility, academic institutions are adding new physical fitness utilities to help kids under their supervision maintain a sound body. School gym equipment currently available on the market are designed for different academic levels, addressing the needs of different body types. Gym Mats The thickness of gymnastic mats ranges from 1.5 inches to 28 inches. They can be very soft or relatively firm, to reduce the risk of bumps and bruises in students. Schools can purchase 4 feet x 6 feet mats for small spaces, or 6 feet x 12 feet sized mats for bigger physical fitness venues. To make the performance of different stunts and routines safer for students, manufacturers of this type of school gym equipment have come up with different mat designs, the landing mats being the simplest form. Springboard mats are U-shaped and are devised to avoid serious injuries when performing gymnastic routines such as vaulting. Incline mats or wedge mats are used in training students to do walkovers, handsprings and rolls. Beams and Bars Physical education classes in schools normally include routines on balance beams. There are wooden floor balance beams for young kids, and heightened carpeted beams for more advanced training classes. Balance beams are usually over 4 feet high, 10 centimeters wide and 500 16 feet long, according to international standards. Like balance beams, bars are also common school gym equipment. Kids are trained to strengthen their arms, shoulders and back, specifically the latissimus dorsi, deltoid muscles and certain scapulae muscles. Gym teachers often combine a number of routines involving these devices to test their students’ speed, endurance and stamina. Adult Fitness Equipment Offered for School Gyms Some exercise machine manufacturers have launched smaller scale versions of their products for use at schools. There are elliptical trainers for children age 9 and older, effective for toning legs and trimming calories. Schools can also install elementary model recumbent bicycles in their fitness facilities, to strengthen their students’ thighs, knee joints, pelvic area and lower leg muscles. The average height of these smaller scale school gym equipment reach 54 inches, to accommodate the height and built of young users. To make exercises more enticing for children, makers incorporated bright colors and lighter materials for these apparatuses. Some rowing machines for kids are available in bright red and are devised with impact free motion capabilities to lessen tension and resistance. Also available in vibrant colors are small treadmills and stair climbers, which feature electronic devices for adjusting speed, tracking heart rate and speed and estimating calories burned. Many of these products are available in fitness equipment stores across the U.S., notably in cities such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The physical fitness of children is just as important as adults’ physical health. Schools can use their gym classes to get their students in shape, or they can add new school gym equipment that resemble adult fitness devices to boost efforts to ensure their physical wellness. Fitness Expo offers a wide array of exercise equipment for adults and children. Visit one of our following locations: Metairie – (504) 887-0880 Baton Rouge – (225) 928-5751 Kenner – (504) 466-3966 Shreveport – (318) 861-1107 Jackson, MS – (601) 956-5681 E-mail: info@fitnessexpostores.com Call toll free: 1-800-323-1831