Get in Shape with the Life Fitness 95Xi: The Ultimate Elliptical Fitness Equipment

Elliptical fitness equipment like the Life Fitness 95Xi is much more efficient when it comes to losing weight or just getting fit. It works you harder than a normal treadmill. On elliptical fitness equipment, you are moving both your arms and your legs for a full body cardio workout. If you work out on this type of equipment for thirty minutes to an hour for three to five times per week you’ll see results you’ve never seen before in no time at all.

Life Fitness Company is one of the most popular fitness equipment companies out there today and for good reason. The equipment this brand manufactures, just like the Life Fitness 95Xi, is made with precision quality.

Life Fitness 95Xi: For Home or Commercial Use?
The Life Fitness 95Xi is one of the most popular pieces of equipment that Life Fitness offers. It is an elliptical cross-training equipment that gives users the most comfortable full-body cardiovascular exercise on a machine!

Life Fitness 95Xi features the most comprehensive line up of cardio training exercises that most elliptical equipment does not offer. Thanks to Life Fitness’ research on biomechanics, the equipment boasts of the ultimate comfort as well as results for all users. The unsurpassed craftsmanship of the Life Fitness brand is transferred to exceptional durability of the Life Fitness 95Xi; durability that is standard on all Life Fitness machines.

This equipment features a pedal design that allows the users to comfortably adjust their foot position. In addition, the narrow 2.8-inch pedal spacing of the Life Fitness 95Xi limits lateral hip-shifting thus reducing lower back stress. This machine is powered by an environment-friendly interface. You simply put these energy-efficient machines anywhere in your home without having to worry about where to put your electrical cords or which outlets are available. You also get instant speed and distance feedback that ensures easy comparisons to daily activities like walking or running.

What Do Users Say about Life Fitness 95Xi?
Users are raving most about the state-of-the-art ergonomic design of the Life Fitness 95Xi. The same users also mention the automatic stride adjustment as another plus.  Another feature that attracts users is the relatively “fit” size of the Life Fitness 95xi; at only 27-inches wide, it is a sure space-saver in any room.

Other than the short warranty of this equipment, Life Fitness 95xi structure and function warrant no cause for alarm. Despite this short warranty, a Life Fitness machine seldom requires the services of a repairman anyway.

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