Virtual Workouts Anytime, Anywhere: Helping You Achieve The Best You

Virtual Workouts Anytime, Anywhere: Helping You Achieve The Best You

Staying fit needs commitment. You have signed up for classes, bought your workout gear, and built a routine for yourself. But with the changes brought about the pandemic, this could have disrupted your plans.

Recent events should not affect your goal to stay fit and healthy. Experts and businesses have come up with ways to use “social distancing” to our advantage. More and more people are working out in the comfort of their homes through virtual workouts. All you need is a stable internet connection and a streaming device and you can join, any time and anywhere.

Your Guide To Virtual Workouts

With the endless options available, finding the perfect virtual workout can be hard. But it does not mean it’s impossible.

If you are more comfortable about working out with a guide or with a group, working out at home can be unsettling. You can be a fitness newbie and do not know where to start. The great thing about virtual workouts is that you can work at your own pace and still have access to experts.

Fitness experts are using almost every social media platform to reach more people. Others are streaming live or recording virtual workouts for easy following. There are available virtual workouts in Zoom, Instagram, Youtube, and fitness apps.

There are a lot of factors that can influence which virtual workouts you can take part in. Some are free, while others have a trial period so you can decide if you want to pay for the full plan. Some workouts focus on strength training or cardio, and there are yoga classes as well.

There are classes that offer different lengths of workouts. Other trainers have adapted classes where equipment is not necessary. There are ones where virtual workouts help guide you to use your workout machines.

Listen To Your Body

Last (and most important part), it’s about your body. If your friend suggested a class because it worked for them, it does not guarantee it will also work for you. If you tried a workout and think you are not feeling it, you can always find a new one.

Choosing a virtual workout program depends on your lifestyle and goals. Consider your current fitness level. Start where you can. Remember that you can rest if you get tired and especially when you are in pain.

Virtual Workouts Available For You

Here are some of the virtual exercise classes that you can try within the four corners of your home.

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Are You Ready For High Intensity?

  • Orangetheory – This virtual class is currently conducting 30-minutes home workouts every day. They have routines that do not need equipment. They also have ideas like smart workout alternatives using household items. They give free into classes on their website and you can also download their app.
  • Fhitting Room – A HIIT studio based in New York, have free HIIT workout classes on their website. They also have live HIIT classes where the trainer interacts with you and it costs $20. If you want to train with a group, they have a private group class.
  • Sweat with SELF – They are a YouTube channel that offers free HIIT, cardio, and strength videos. They give the friendly vibe of fitness group classes that lasts between 10 to 30 minutes. Some workouts need equipment like dumbbells. Be ready to bring your A-game!

Toning and Sculpting Your Body

  • P.Volve – P.Volve streams their workouts on their app and uploads new ones every day. Choose from different workouts, some focus on a body part or have a shorter workout time. Their services cost $20 per month and $135 per year. You also get workout recommendations based on the goals you have set.
  • Tone It Up – The name already says what it can do for your body. They have workouts that promote toning and endurance. Trainers Karena and Katrina have built a community through this fitness app. They also continue to inspire followers on their Instagram page and website. You can pay $15/month or $100/year for a Studio Tone It Up membership too.
  • OBE Fitness – For $27 a month or $200 a year, you can access unlimited live virtual classes that they update every week. This is perfect for those who work for home and want to squeeze short, effective workouts. You can choose a 10 or 28-minute workout. Their workouts are also categorized: Sweat, Define, and Flow. You can also customize your routine based on your fitness level.

Fix Your Yoga Flow

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  • CorePower Yoga – There is a reason why yoga is becoming more popular. It is a workout that anyone can do, no matter the age or body type. CorePower helps you with your yoga journey no matter your level. You can stream live classes on YouTube or join  CorePower Yoga On Demand for a price.
  • Alo Moves – Alo Moves have organized their classes depending on different categories. Choose if you are a beginner, moderate, intermediate, or advance in yoga. You can choose from different fitness levels, yoga styles, or workout length. Popular virtual classes from Alo Moves are also available for download so you can do it anywhere.
  • Glo – Get started with yoga with Glo. You can join for a trial period of 15 days then pay for a membership with $18 a month. Glo also provides meditation classes to help you unwind and clear your mind. There are classes that will help you shape your yoga form. Take your time with their step by step guidance and you are sure to perfect a downward dog in no time.

Fitness apps like the Nike Training Club and Gold’s Gym offer free access to help you be in track of your fitness goals.

Remember that your fitness is in your hands. No matter what virtual workout you choose, your commitment will make the difference.

You can also customize your virtual workout experience with getting the right equipment. Find ones that can help you achieve your fitness goals.